Shakira and P!nk wore the same dress on the red carpet

The awards ceremony MTV VMAs 2009 was a total drama, as it is well known that it was the year in which the rapper and ex-husband of kim kardashian, kanye-west would decide to humiliate the young singer Taylor Swift interrupting his speech and implying that the award he had won should go to someone else.

Now, who would witness that moment would be the Colombian singer Shakira, since she was the one who gave the award to the interpreter of “lover“And he had to see how it is that the rapper went on stage to say what he said, now the Barranquilla also gave something to talk about that night, since she wore an unusual dress, which perfectly highlighted her slender figure and those heart-stopping hips.

A strapless dress, short, with rhinestones and a pretty cute design, she combined it with high boots that hugged her thighs, her blond hair loose, wasting beauty as always, this cute garment was advice from her designer, since she told her that it was an amazing dress and promising her that it would stand out because no one in the world has one more like her, however Shakira then she would know that no one in the world but her and p!nk they have one just like it.

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In an interview for be In a program, the Colombian would talk about her entire experience that night, from how she felt when she saw Kanye and Talor to what happened when she saw that she and p!nk they were wearing the same dress on the red carpet.

Shakira and P!nk wore the same dress on the red carpet, photo: Twitter

The interpreter of “that you stay with me“He would comment that his stylist promised him that nobody in the world has that dress, however, on the red carpet of the event he would realize that p!nk has one just like it, in 2009 it was believed that if another girl wore the same clothes as you it was something to feel angry about or something embarrassing, on the other hand, in this case the opposite happened completely.

Shakira said:

“It was the funniest thing in the world… I don’t care if someone in the world has the same dress, I wear it because I like it and when I saw P!nk I thought ‘Oh my God P!nk’ so I walk up to her and say “P!nk, look at us” and she’s like “Oh my God, this is the funniest thing ever” so all we did was laugh.”

To which the interviewer asked her if she had fired the stylist, to which she replied no, that she was still working with her, she also talked about how the stylist felt, because she felt ashamed of what she had said.

CLICKING HERE you can see the full interview.

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