Clara Chía would be transsexual, Piqué paid for the operations and this would be


It’s only been a few days since rumors began to circulate that Clara Chiathe current partner of the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué, would be nothing more and nothing less than a male. As you read, the world of social networks was involved by this news that Clara Chia Martí, Piqué’s girlfriend, would actually be a man who underwent a sex change to become a trans girl.

Through the TikTok platform, strong rumors have begun to emerge that Clara Chía is a transgender girl. Internet users were shocked, as they never expected this news from Piqué’s new partner.

What is Clara Chía’s real name?

The news about Clara Chía’s sexuality has shocked more than one person and more and more information is being generated, such as the last one that states that Clara Chía is actually called “Esteban Chía”. He was an ordinary man but with many desires to change his sex.

Everything indicates that not only was her name changed, from the masculine Esteban to Clara, but she also has several surgeries that have helped complement her desire to become a woman. Not only that, Gerard Piqué knows that Clara Chía is a trans woman and this has not been an impediment to her love and, on the contrary, her former player is helping her financially with her latest surgeries.

On social networks, the tests that expose the true identity of the trans woman for whom they changed Shakira continue to be disseminated. Immediately, the rumor has gone viral around the world and many are looking for answers to her endless questions about the mysterious Clara Chía.

At the moment, it is not known who leaked this information as well as the evidence, but it is believed that it had to be someone very close to the Catalan, since the identity tests of “Esteban” have even been shown, the masculine name of the girlfriend of Pique.

In addition, rumors say that Clara Chia would not really be 23 years old, as has been said, but it has been speculated that the young woman would be older than she claims to be. However, this theory does not have any proof.

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