Shakira is commended for helping clean up the beaches

singer shakira extended a special invitation to millions of his fans on social networks to attend the beaches of Miami, United States for a cleaning day.

many followers and influencers like colombian Road and Poche They participated in it and came together to add their grains of sand to clean the oceans.

Shakira promotes caring for the beaches

Although the woman from Barranquilla was not present at the event, she was a great ambassador of the said initiative and caused many people to participate and through her actions promoted the care of the environment.

through your account InstagramWhere she has more than 88 million followers, shared a video showing how the meeting took place and showed that she was a great sponsor after providing all the necessary equipment.

The initiative was taken within the framework of his most recent song ‘Empty Cup’ what did you do with the cast? manuel turizzoWhose video clip has more than 66 million views youtube and in which she plays a mermaid who ends up in a garbage dump.

At the end of the recording the artist said, “Over 220 pounds of trash and plastic were collected in this cleanup.”

Followers applaud Shakira for promoting care for the environment

With this, he took the opportunity to inspire his fans to take care of beaches around the world and protect the environment.

After his revelation, he garnered thousands of hearts and comments where they appreciated his project and thanked him for promoting his music as well as promoting this type of action to promote activities in favor of humanity. Thanked

“This woman is extraordinary”, “A great artist, even more than a great person, the planet thanks you”, “Excellent initiative”, “You are a queen of another level! Always more inspiring”, “How proud of you are colombianHe wrote to her.

For the time being, the artist continues to promote the said musical single and work on new music with which she hopes to enthrall millions of her fans.

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