Shakira is very worried about the stalker who visited her house

yesi well its sRepair of Barcelona defender Gerard Piqu has been highly publicized Shakira might have another problem to deal with, since a person is believed to be haunting the house of the Colombian singer.

Shakira woke up last Monday and found a series of graffiti messages scattered around the property at his family’s Barcelona home in Esplugues de Llobregat.

The graffiti was written in English on the sidewalk in front of his house, with the phrases “I love you, a beautiful woman”, “I’m coming for you, my love” and “I’m ready to get married right now and support you.”

Understandably, this situation has the singer very worriedthe Colombian informed the police of the incident.

Who is Shakira’s stalker?

It is speculated that the attacker could be Russian and that this person has been stalking the singer’s house since her death was made public. separation with Piqu.

The individual in question could even have been photographed by the paparazzi who also watch the singer’s house.

What are Shakira’s future plans?

With Shakira eager for move to miami after his separation with Piqu, the incident could be a blow to the defender who is interested in his ex-partner staying in Barcelona to maintain the relationship. proximity to their children.

However, this latest incident could give Shakira another reason to leave Barcelona, ​​especially if she feels the situation is becoming untenable.

Piqu is still on the lookout for his children

Despite the alarming situation and the ongoing dispute between the couple after the announcement of their separation, Piqu was recently seen arriving at his ex’s house to Pick up the kids and take them to school.

Piqu, meanwhile, recently spent time in Stockholm on vacation and is currently preparing to return to pre-season training with Barcelona in two weeks.

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