Shakira joked about an early 2000s video of her first encounter with a camera phone

Just in case you need proof that Shakira has been at the top of her game for a long time, long the time is here. On August 11, the three-time Grammy winner shared a throwback Instagram post with hilariously aged early-year footage. In it, Shakira encounters a camera phone for the first time and has many questions — and concerns — about the then-new technology.

The video was filmed in 2002 when Shakira went to do an interview with Japanese journalist Katsuya Kobayashi, according to Peru The Republic. Obviously cell phones with cameras were new to her (and to most of the world) at the time. Seeing a woman with one, she asked, “Is that a camera? … You have to show me. Then, once she inspected it, Shakira added an “Oh, my God!” »

Although the Colombian singer was impressed, she also had some concerns. “Where do you find this? This one doesn’t work in America, right? ” she asked. When the woman replied that it wasn’t, Shakira replied, “Thank goodness because imagine all the paparazzi…”

Nowadays, the dance with myself the creator shed some light on the decades-old video, which had stranger things– added sound and hazard warnings. “I don’t see these camera phones catching…” she joked in her Instagram caption, adding in Spanish that she can barely see how much they’ve changed.

What is striking in the video is not only how far cell phones have come since the early 2000s, but also how long Shakira has been in the public eye. The singer, now 45, rose to fame in the Spanish-speaking world with her 1995 album Descalzo pies before later becoming a global superstar after 2001 Laundry service. Dealing with the paparazzi was part of that journey, as her throwback video shows. She’s had to put up with a lot, including paparazzi allegedly scavenging through her trash amid false pregnancy rumors in 2016 and stalking her and her children in 2018.

In recent months, privacy has been especially important to the “Te Felicito” singer. She and her longtime partner Gerard Pique, the father of her two children, announced their split in early June. “We regret to confirm that we are separating,” they said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. “For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask that you respect our privacy. Thanks for understanding. »

Additionally, Shakira is set to stand trial in Spain for alleged tax evasion, as CNN reported in July. She maintained her innocence, with her team saying in a statement that “she has always behaved beyond reproach, as a person and as a taxpayer”.

Despite all the personal challenges, Shakira is still having fun on her social media, and her fans are here for it. “This video is iconic,” one fan commented in Spanish about her reaction to the camera phone. Another added that “Shakira looks alike”, pointing out that the technology may have changed drastically over the years, but not the superstar.

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