Shakira, Metallica, Bunbury, The Cure, Gorillaz, Chanel… these are the most anticipated albums of 2023

After the release of the debut album by Quevedo In the past week, ‘where i want to be‘, a quick shot at the start of 2023 with one of the most anticipated albums of the year in the media (analyzed here in the musical field), we are going to make a brief summary of the rest of the works in large format that will follow one another this vintage.

Apart from the reggaeton player from the Canary Islands, Iggy Pop has already released his ‘Every Loser’, Belle and Sebastian surprised everyone by suddenly publishing ‘Late Developers’ and the Italians Måneskin, winners of Eurovision in 2021, already have their third glam rock album, ‘Rush’, in store bins, which will be reviewed soon on these pages. Oh, and from January 20 you can also listen to the new John Cale. Sam Smith, the Smashing Pumpkins or Steve Vai They will be one of the first swords to launch discs at the first opportunity this year.

Yo La Tengo, The Church, Caroline Polachek, John Frusciante and, above all, the new from Gorillaz, ‘Cracker Island’, a long-awaited album by an always futuristic band, a foretaste of the metaverse in its virtuality, led by Damon Albarn, will arrive in February. by Blur, and which will feature the collaborations of Bad Bunny, Beck, Thundercat or Steve Nicks. On February 24 on all its platforms.

March has several proper names. Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s favorite group, Depeche Modewill publish ‘Memento Mori’, the fifteenth studio album by the British band that has not released an album in six years. King’s wool returns with ‘Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ and Miley Cyrussuperviral where they are, publish too.

Starting in April, the release dates become somewhat ethereal. Yes, it is clear who is the leading group this month: metallica. ’72 Seasons’ is the title of the eleventh studio album by the thrash metal band led by James Hetfield, available from April 24.

Afterwards, a trickle of news begins without so much specificity of dates. From the Argentine indis of He killed a motoristthe return of the old neopunk of blink-182the long-awaited solo album by the REM singer, Michael Stipeand the highly anticipated debut album by Chanelafter a mess with his previous record company and his transfer to Sony.

We will also see what’s new Jennifer Lopez, The Cure, Judas Priest, Shakira (after the session with Bizarrap against Piqué, imagine the expectation…), Aitana (probably), Ana Mena, Lola Indigo, Bad Gyal, Surfin’ Bichos, Bunbury (his first release after announcing his withdrawal from the stage), Fran Perea, Fito Páez, Charly García

And then, many other artists that we hope will publish during this 2023 but that is not clear. starting with their satanic majesties, Queens of Stone Agethe continuation of last year’s fantastic ‘Renaissance’ by Beyonce, Cardi B or Coldplay.

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