Shakira opens her new broadcast channel on WhatsApp: how can you join?

Shakira Joins the trend of communication channels that WhatsApp has created to transmit messages of text, photo, video or image to a large mass audience. A form of marketing available to both companies and celebrities or the press in which more direct communication can be maintained with followers.

artists like Maluma and Bad Bunny make frequent use of this function commonly offered by instant messaging platforms, Where on more than one occasion he has made announcements about his releases or new songs.

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They have even complained, such as the recent episode in which the Puerto Rican Show your dissatisfaction to your fans thanks to a topic generated by an internet user with AI that replicated their voice And it went viral on social networks.

In that sense, this type of service seems to be a great advantage for singers and an opportunity to build closer relationships with fans, even if they cannot react or chat with them, since it is only a one-way conversation and a completely informative topic. Is.

As expected, the Barranquilla woman also did not lag behind and appeared in the application with a “gift” for her loyal followers., A short video showing some of the moves in their choreography at the Latin Grammy presentation Which happened last November 16 in Spain.

In fact, through the official network of Meta Network, The artist himself invited Internet users to join his new channel Where he will distribute all types of information related to his art and his interest.

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“I am the queen of WhatsApp group chat among my friends. I use them for everything, from sharing ideas, sending music, and preparing my presentations. “Now I can connect directly with fans through my channel and I’m excited to share everything there,” the artiste said in the post.

This is how you can join the channel

To stay informed about all the publications, messages and information shared by Colombians in this medium, According to ‘WhatsApp Help Centre’, you just need to do the following step by step:

At the end, With these steps you will be able to receive all communications sent by the artist and be aware of any events she decides to share. Like when she recently sent out the iconic photo of herself posing in a gold dress just minutes before the official start of the Grammy Awards ceremony.

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