Shakira-Piqu case, the woman who is accused of being the third in discord speaks

La separation between Gerard Piqu and Shakira has brought a lot of speculation about the third woman in contention, but I came out to speak once woman known as “CM”, one of the employees of a company belonging to the soccer player, and pointed out that the truth will soon come to light.

The real girl is coming out soon“. The European media now direct their investigation to “CC”, a young man who would already have been seen at the Camp Nou.

The news shook the world of football and music. Gerard Piqu separated from Shakira after 12 years of marriage, situation that was confirmed from the statement released by the representative agency of the Colombian.

Within the versions that gained strength in recent days, the Mamarazzis program assured that the singer found the soccer player “with another woman”.

After extensive data collection, the Spanish program Socialit revealed that the initials of the mysterious woman would be CM, that she would be 22 years old and that she would work as a waitress in one of the companies owned by the plant.

I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Piquthey have related me to him nonsense due to the description of the supposed girl and they have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social networks because I am in final exams. It’s not me and I don’t know himso I ask that you please leave me alone, people are shooting at me for some things that I have not done, anything that comes out with my name will be answered with a lawsuit“, declared the young woman to the journalist Laura Roig, who had the approval of the woman to transcribe the conversation that lasted approximately 15 minutes.

Confusion for the woman who is indicated to be the third between Piqu and Shakira

“C.M” concluded: “I don’t understand why they’ve gotten me in the way, I guess, because they need someone to evade the issue and mislead, although what they have told me is that the real girl is going to come out soon, I hope that is the case and that they leave me alone and I can go back to studying quietly, which is what matters to me”.

In the last days, Gerard Piqu as Shakira were photographed while watching his son Milan’s international baseball tournament in the Czech Republic. The 9-year-old boy is the older of the two that the couple shares, along with Sasha, 7.

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