Shakira reacts to the dance of her niece Isabella Mebarak

The past year, marked mainly by her separation from Gerard Pique and her new music, has been extremely mediocre for Barranquilla singer and legend Shakira.

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Her latest release, ‘Copa Vesia’ with Manuel Turizzo has been a smash hit, The song has already collected over 54 million views on Spotify, and the video clip, in which the singer plays a mermaid, has over 75 million views on YouTube.

The theme refers to disinterested love, and one of the two waiting for a while to receive a little attention from their partner. A pursuit that is, after all, as futile as trying to drink from an empty cup. For this topic, Many of her fans have associated the song with the last months of the singer’s marriage.

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And as is the case with all songs that, as they colloquially say today, “are on the radio”, it already has a viral choreography that internet users learn and repeat across their networks. In fact, in this case, as in most of her latest songs, it was Shakira who invented the dance.

Well then, One of the internet users who learned, replicated and published Shakira’s dance on TikTok was her niece, Isabella Mebarak.

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In the video, she is dancing to the song while her boyfriend Damian, sitting right behind her, ignores her and plays a video game. However, the dancer clarified in the video description that the action was taken on the youth’s apathy. “The only way for this guy to ignore me is if I beg him to be casual while I dance to the new @shakira song.”

The singer saw her niece’s video, commented on it and reposted it on her Instagram stories, with the comment “Such a niece, such a splinter! And her boyfriend Damian is already giving classes!! Isabella, who spent most of her life in the United States, wrote “Love you Tia!!” to Shakira via comments on her clips on TikTok. answered.

Isabella, in addition to being only “Shakira’s niece”, is also a visual artist.And, at just 25, her work was recently on display at Les Coulours Gallery in Miami, Florida.

As far as Shakira is concerned, her fame seems to be on the rise, because, in addition to receiving a monument in her honor in her hometown, Rumors of a new romance with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton have surfaced,

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