Shakira reveals what it’s like to prepare for the VMAs

singer Shakira Told his millions of fans how difficult it has been to organize his long-awaited performance mtv awards till music video 2023 In which they will be honored and awarded with prizes Video Vanguard Awards ‘Michael Jackson’.

These beliefs are of great importance to the artist, as many singers dream of them.

Shakira reveals what preparation for the VMAs was like

In addition, after 17 years she will perform at this festival, where she will also give a show in which she will summarize her musical career, as is tradition, which is why millions of fans are so eager for her presentation and the Barranquilla native. Why are the residents there? She seemed a little worried.

through your account InstagramWhile she has over 88 million followers, she shared a video that showed herself organizing some of the details of her show with her work team and she looks a little desperate with a piece of cloth on her forehead and Making funny comments about it.

“When you try to fit your entire career into Vanguard’s presentation at the #VMAs,” she wrote in the description of the post.

With this, he showed how difficult it has been to put together the best songs of his years as a singer in so few minutes.

Let us tell you that recently he had also shown a board with the calendar of the organization, in which he had shown the rehearsals, meetings, costume tests and some days of rest done by him.

Also, hiding other data, which may be a surprise for their fans.

Shakira fans can’t wait to see Shakira perform at the VMAs

Currently, the artist continues to prepare for his performance which will take place next Tuesday night, September 12.

Meanwhile, his followers are sending him messages of support and good wishes at this awards ceremony.

“I’m sure you’ll be perfect, you can do it”, “I can imagine the stress”, “You’re the best, thank you so much, Queen”, “You can do everything, beautiful “, “This will be a historic show”, “Difficult, but not impossible”, “Let’s pretend”, “I can’t wait to see that great show”These were some of the messages his fans left him.

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