Shakira shows her legs while the rumor spreads that she has hired a detective for Gerard Piqué

Shakira, Colombian singer.

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After the separation between Gerard Piqué Y Shakiraeverything has been said and they have only confirmed the breakup after 12 years of relationship and two children. After many hypotheses, Shakira has been seen showing her legs in a short dress, while the rumor that he would have hired a detective to watch Gerard Piqué It gains more strength with the passing of the minutes.

The correspondent of The fat and the skinny in Barcelona, Jordi Martinsaid to Raul de Molina Y Lili Estefan that Shakira he arrived in his van to school milan and sasha. She could be seen with a short magenta dress showing legs and with a pizza in hand. Presumably it was some kind of New Year’s Eve celebration. But what is most striking about the paparazzi statements is that they assure that Shakira would have hired a detective company that caught the central defender of FC Barcelona, ​​Gerard Piqué, in full infidelity in his bachelor apartment. This after they arrived from Orlando from a family trip and he asked for a space.

“This company keeps track of Gerard Piqué and that’s when it’s detective agency discovers that Gerard Piqué was dating this girl from 22 years. This detective agency would betray its client Shakira and it is the one that would pass the information to the press and news agendas… What is not known is why, if it has the images, they have not been released”, Jordi Martin told chain Univision.

Back to Shakira At her children’s school, she said that the singer did not leave through the same door through which she had entered, but through the back and in another car. The children also did not leave through the main door of the educational entity and it is unknown who looked for them at school.

In addition, the Spaniard assured that Shakira left the weekend from Barcelona. Apparently she wanted to run away from the press and why not? In Spain, the tabloid press has devoted almost entirely to following the case of the separation of the Colombian with Gerard Piqué. Meanwhile, his theme with Raww Alexander, “Congratulations”reached 100 million views on Youtube.

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