Shakira, with her pink sunglasses, looks very sexy, and she also left all her hair loose in the style of Gloria Trevi


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Shakira is 45 years old and today everyone knows that she is a single woman, because her relationship with Gerard Piqué has come to an end. However, the Colombian has not wanted to be vulnerable to the press, much less in front of her children. Shakira is a mother present in the lives of her children, and although she is famous, she takes them to school like any other mother. And even though she may be heartbroken by her partner’s infidelity, she gets up every day to give her best to Sasha and Milan.

For this reason, the pink press has captured recent images of Shakira taking her children to school. In the photos you can see the interpreter of “Inevitable” with a pair of short shorts and pink glasses, she looks so sexy that there is no doubt that more than one could have whistled at her on the street to see her walk. But in addition, he left all his hair loose, in the best style of Gloria Trevi.

Shakira is still making her life in Barcelona, ​​although they say she’s going to Miami soon. / Photo by Grosby

Currently, more controversy fell on the name of Shakira after Jennifer López confessed that it was not a good idea for her that two great stars shared the prominence of the Super Bowl halftime.

In his documentary “Halftime” JLo said: “It’s the worst idea in the world, for two people to headline the same Super Bowl. It was not a good idea.” Jennifer had this conversation with her musical director, Kim Burse, in an excerpt from the recording, in which both women try to plan the number based on the limited time given to each of the protagonists.

“We have six minutes, thirty seconds for each song. If we take a minute, we’ll be in trouble. But we need to have our moment: this can’t be a damn magazine,” said Jennifer Lopez.

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