Shakira’s gesture when asked if Piqué tried to win her back

Shakira would have left with more doubts if Piqué asked her for a second chance or not, after she said in her lyrics of TQG and Music Sessions 53 that apparently it would have happened. @shakira/Instagram

As sentenced Shakira in the Music Sessions #53, the artist continues billing to the maximum the break with Gerard Piqué and the torrid romance that he began with Clara Chia. Recently, the singer presented the clothing line that sold out in a few minutes with phrases alluding to this musical theme along with Bizarre, just like you did with Monotony, weeks after being released.

And it is that as he pointed out in an interview with Enrique Acevedo in the evening program At Point N+, The artist has had a before and after, since she entered the studio of the Argentine rapper and producer. In mid-2022, she saw a woman from Barranquilla driven by pain, her constant appearances with dark glasses and trying to hide from the cameras showed that there were still fractures there.

With her musical premieres, the Barranquillera catharsis amid the pain caused by her separation

However, nowadays he has wanted to release all that in the lyrics of his songs and they have been in Music Sessions #53 as in the most recent release together with Karol G with TQG, that the Colombian woman has sown a blanket of doubts in which she affirms that Pique “I would have asked for cocoa’” as it is said colloquially in Colombia: “I’m not coming back with you, don’t even cry to me, don’t even beg me… Don’t come back here, pay attention to me…” either “You are no longer welcome here… Now you want to come back, it shows mmm yes”.

Outside your home in Esplugas de Llobregat, the Spanish medium Chance of the Europa Press chain, He waited for the singer to get out in her vehicle to ask her if indeed, as she says in her songs, Gerard Piqué He tried to ask for a new opportunity. However, showing off her education, the artist has preferred to remain silent and in response she gave a warm smile to the journalists who were in the place.

Shakira was questioned about the fact that Piqué asked her for a second chance in the relationship. Screenshot @CHANCE_es/Twitter

Clara Chía Martí is a young woman from 23 years old, born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, studied Advertising and Public Relations and has worked in cocktail bars, currently working in Kosmos, a company owned by her current partner, ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué. Clara’s parents are a wealthy and quite private family, according to rumors since the affair between her daughter and Piqué began, they have tried to stay away from controversy and that is why they have not been seen with the athlete, neither in photographs nor in Public spaces.

Those close to the family describe the couple Chia Marti as a discreet and well-positioned couple, who had never before been involved in a scandal with such dimensions as the love triangle formed by Gerard, Clara and Shakira. They specified that time allowed to confirm the connection achieved between the young woman and her new family. Clara was welcomed into her family and within a few months she had already conquered her in-laws, Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Piquéin addition to his brother-in-law Marc Piqué.

However, and after the great exposure that has made their daughter the protagonist or antagonist, depending on who analyzes the circumstance, Chía Martí’s parents are tired of the harassment received by the press and according to the digital newspaper The National about the music they commented the following:To the marriage formed by Lluis Chia and Marga Marti They are not amused, that is clear, although they care very little. He is a lawyer and businessman, she is a civil servant, they are a discreet, well-positioned couple who have never had much to talk about (…) They are true Barça fans and quite Catalanistseven independent”.

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