Shakira’s powerful new gang in Miami

“Today we begin a new chapter in the pursuit of happiness.” With these words, on April 2 Shakira said goodbye to Barcelona, the city that had welcomed her for more than a decade, to head to Miami and begin to write a new stage away from all the controversy that has involved her most personal facet in recent months, following her break with Gerard Piqué . Almost three weeks have passed since the artist landed with her children in the US city of Florida and, judging by the images shared on networks, it seems that her days of adaptation they are being the happiest.

Through her Instagram account, Shakira has published different photographs via stories surrounded by old friends, such as the producer Emilio Estefan, which has also been very happy with the arrival in the United States of the Colombian: «We love you always, Shak. We welcome you with open arms because we are your family,” he wrote. On the other hand, the interpreter of Congratulations He has also reunited with professional colleagues of the stature of Prince Royce and Manuel Turizo. With the latter it is rumored that he would be working to get a joint collaboration, but for the moment, there is no confirmation in this regard.

After experiencing these emotional reunions with friends from the world of music whom she considers family, in her own words, Shakira shared with her followers a selfies in which it could be seen that he had attended in public to the concert of Juan Luis Guerra: «What luck and what a luxury to be able to listen live to Juan Luis Guerra, my spiritual brother and one of the artists who has filled so many moments of my life and the lives of the people», he wrote next to the image.

Without a doubt, focusing on the content published by the singer, it seems that her first weeks in Miami are marked by complete happiness. Shakira is focused on the emotional stability of their children and, in fact, days after his move to the other side of the pond, he asked journalists through the networks for “respect” towards Sasha and Milan’s intimacywho “have lived a very difficult year, suffering an incessant siege and relentless persecution by paparazzi and various media.”

For the moment, Shakira has settled with her two children and their parents in the residence that she acquired in 2001 in the exclusive area of North Bay Road, where its neighbors are renowned artists such as Jennifer López, Ricky Martín or Matt Damon. Even so, various media have echoed that within the plans of the one from Barranquilla would be to find a new, more spacious mansion to be able to move with her family. Normandy Shores or Indian Creek would be the neighborhoods in which he would be considering acquiring a new property. However, there is no doubt that the Latin music star is experiencing a great moment in her new stage in Miami and that she will face all the professional challenges she encounters along the way with enthusiasm and strength.

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