Shakur Stevenson cut conference after unleashing pitched fight

Mexico City /

Not everything was joy for Shakur Stevenson after finishing his fight against Óscar Valdez, since when he appeared before the media a brawl broke out that led him to untimely cut the conference to run to the place where a bell broke out.

Initially, Stevenson had asked for silence when hearing some screams that occurred outside the room where the appearance was taking place, but the situation was not controlled and it exploded until it reached the blows.

Suddenly, the screams increased in intensity, in addition to the fact that blows began to appear, so the monarch ran out to see who it was.

Although it was initially mentioned that Stevenson tried to attack, in the first videos circulating on social networks it can be seen that members of his work team controlled him, although he was very close to the people who were fighting.

According to some versions of those present, Stevenson’s mother had an altercation with a person present at the conference, although these are the first comments that arise.

The police had to intervene to defuse the situation, while Stevenson had to be evicted by his work team.

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