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Carlo Nicolato

Has anyone heard of a Michigan school shooting with three boys killed and eight others injured? In other times, when he was in the White House Donald Trump, the same fact would inevitably have sparked discussions about American decline, and the usual mainstream would have put the blame on the president who defends the arms lobby and who does not care about the fate of his boys. With Joe Biden it’s a whole other story, a shooting in a school is just a hiccup and you certainly can’t blame him for the fact that since he lives at the White House there have been even 26 bloody facts within the school walls, with 12 dead and 52 wounded. For comparison, last year there were 8 and 5 died.

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And to say that with Biden America would have had to change its face, it had to be rebuilt from the rubble of its predecessor, and rebuilt even better: “Build Back Better” in conclusion. A more just America, in which, among other things, cops don’t go around randomly shooting at people of color with the applause of the incumbent president. At least from this point of view, maybe Biden will have made it? According to official data, 830 people have been killed by agents to date, fewer than 1021 last year and 1004 in 2019. A little less but there is still a month to go until the end of the year. As for black people, it would seem that some progress has been made: statistics show that 113 were killed at the hands of the police, compared to 241 last year and 235 two years ago.

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In a month the gap cannot be closed, so praise to Biden. But there is a catch: compared to the other years in 2021 there was in fact an unjustified boom of people killed registered with “unknown race”. Exactly 448 against 126 last year, and 202 two years ago. A more or less deliberate lack of the police or a suggestion from above so that certain uncomfortable statistics do not disturb the driver? In one way or another a low trick that shows that with Biden America has not only not improved, but has even gotten worse.

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