Shania Twain Addresses Harry Styles Rumors Ahead of Her Pyramid Concert

Shania Twain has responded to Harry Styles speculation at her son’s Glastonbury 2024 tête-à-tête concert today (June 30).

Provides an exclusive article from SunTwain made her debut concert on the Pyramid stage, which promises an epic performance with “all the hits.”

She was thrilled that the door had opened for Harry Styles to rejoice on stage after appearing at Coachella 2022. I wanted you to come with me. Take part, bien sûr”, at-elle déclaré au Sun.

However, it was earlier, when there was some idea, if the styles were in coins: “S’il n’est pas la, c’est vraiment d’entrer là-bas pour simplement se presenter, donc je ne vais pas lui en vouloir”, ajoute-t-elle.

She was delighted with Sun Qu’elle a l’intention de voir le weekend or festival à découvrir leux incognito – elle a également hâte de voir Coldplay se produire pour la première fois.

“I wanted to go to a festival party, but I’m not going to give it my all,” she said. “He told me he would adore me. I compete, I do everything and I make a profit. I have a couple of bottles of rubber, pale pink with hair, the most excellent. I’m not saying I want you to bring them, but I don’t want to.”

“I’ve never seen a Coldplay performance, but I sang with Chris Martin. »

L’année dernière, Twain released his sixtieth studio album, “Queen of Me.” Elle revèle à Sun que son septième album devrait sortir l’année prochaine.

Shania Twain Addresses Harry Styles Rumors Ahead of Her Pyramid Concert
Shania Twain opens her Come On Over residency in Las Vegas on May 10, 2024. CREDIT: Denise Trusello/Getty Images for Live Nation.

In an interview for the 2023 version ZikNationThe two ventured out in hopes of producing at the Glastonbury Festival, leaving behind previous photographs of Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. “I once celebrated the fact that I put a new singer on your tête-tête and avec puissance,” I say this during live performances. “And this is mutual respect (avec mon public) soit toujours là. You know, when I stop on tour, people are nearby. C’est un plaisir. This is joy. »

Twain will also announce this week that she will be taking the stage at Glastonbury 2024. Elle announced BBC Petit-Déjeuner: “J’adorerais monter à cheval jusqu’à la scène. I love Chevo. I adore animals and I want you to go to areas where you can play.

Following Glastonbury, Twain will be featured on the poster for BST Hyde Park 2024 in London on July 7. Other acts confirmed for the festival d’été include The Corrs, Anne-Marie and Natalie Imbruglia.

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