Shannon de Lima already lived with Alex Speitzer’s family

life smiles at Alexander Speitzer and not only because of the success he has achieved in his acting career, but also because of the flatness he enjoys in his love life. After his separation from the Spanish actress Esther Exposito in the middle of last year, the protagonist of dark desire He remained single for a while, however, this sentimental status could not last long, especially when he has been considered one of the most sought-after leading men. At the end of February, rumors began linking the Mexican interpreter with the model Shannon from Lima, which were finally confirmed by themselves through romantic dedications on their social networks. And just a few days ago, the two posed as a couple for the first time at the Platinum Awards, which ended up clearing up any existing doubts about their courtship. Now, while Alex has been very happy at this stage, it has been revealed that the beautiful Venezuelan has already lived with the family of her heartthrob, specifically with her brother Charles Speitzer.



Although initially both Alex and Shannon preferred to keep their relationship away from the public eye, it was finally confirmed and today there is no doubt about how much in love they are. Carlos, Alejandro’s older brother, has witnessed how happy the couple is, and has also revealed how his encounters with the model have been. “Very pretty. She’s a hottie, we spend a couple of hours one day, a couple of hours the next day”told the cameras of the program Todaywithout revealing more details of the circumstances in which he met the model, but claiming to be happy for his younger brother. “I am very happy to see my brother always happy because it is how I want to know and feel all the time”added the participant of The stars dance in Hoy, who has been one of Alex’s greatest supporters, and who has even come to his defense when he has been the target of attacks.


“I see him in love”Carlos said when referring to Alejandro, although he pointed out that, since his brother has preferred to be discreet in his sentimental relationship, he finds it difficult for him to speak openly about their romance. “It is not only the love of a couple, there is the love of friends and I always see him in love with his projects, I think that is basic and fundamental too. But I see him very happy with her and they make a nice couple“, added. In turn, the actor of Yes with you He pointed out that both his brother and Shannon have similar personalities, which may have been one of the factors that allowed the crush between the two. “I think that one attracts what one is and at the end of the day my brother is a very nice being and all the people who approach him have to be very nice”assured.


The dedication with which they shouted their love to the four winds

Although Alex and Shannon had already appeared together on social networks, it was not until the end of April that they both decided to be seen together on their own accounts. The Somebody Has to Die actor took to his Instagram account to share a black and white screenshot taken during a video call with Shannon, who looked very relaxed and making a face similar to a kiss. At the top of the screen, the Mexican actor could be seen smiling. Words were unnecessary to describe this intimate moment in which the two used technology to be close despite the distance. Model Shannon followed suit, sharing a glimpse of her virtual encounter with Alex. The image showed the Mexican interpreter very comfortable and calm with his pet. While Alejandro only placed an emji of heart, the Venezuelan shared a brief but very sincere message in which she showed her feelings towards the actor: “Counting the days”wrote and placed a heart emoji.

However, Alex remains adamant about keeping the details of his relationship with Shannon to himself, as he has expressed on more than one occasion when he has been questioned about it by the press. “Okay, I understand the interest of the people and nothing, I am very happy, enjoying this stage in general in my life and that is what I can tell you, you know that I never tell you anything personal, but in that sense everything is very well”said the actor a few weeks ago when approached by the cameras of the program The fat and the skinny.


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