Sharon Stone dazzles in bikini photo at age 64

The actress has once again launched the “body positive” message with a powerful image showing off her figure.


He turned 64 on March 10 making him more powerful than ever. Sharon Stone It has become a standard for aging, a movement that is defended by other actresses. Andie MacDowell, Emma Thompson or Helen Mirren within the film industry. What does it consist of? Plain and simple in getting old, without gimmicks or cardboard. No matter what they say, wrinkles and gray hairs show up because the body ages and it’s pure biology.

like this Instagram It has become the most used tool by many of them to make the passage of time visible. after being inspired by dolce and gabbana And now defend the most glamorous sexiness over 60 Sharon Stone It reminds us that it doesn’t matter how old you are when it comes to showing off your bikini selfies.

He wrote, “Why do I always get fit when summer is over?” Sharon Making fun of his incredible physical shape. A body that is maintained because of a consistent training routine and a healthy diet.

Sharon Stone, a tireless fighter

In fact, the actress has always talked about how she has never resorted to extreme diets because “they don’t work”. Besides, Sharon He has described on several occasions how a cardiac arrest 20 years ago changed the way he looked at life: “It was more than a stroke, my left cerebral artery was completely ruptured and I had to be bedridden for nine days. There was bleeding”.

Sharon This had serious consequences: stuttering, problems with walking, and loss of the ability to read. It took two years for his left leg condition, vision and speech to recover. ‚ÄúPeople have treated me with utter disrespect. From the women in my work world to the judge handling my custody case, I don’t think anyone has understood how dangerous strokes are for women and how long it takes to recover from them. It takes time: me , seven years old”, he assured in an interview Diversity,

like this Sharon She has become an example for women over 60 because of the way she tackles the film and fashion industry.

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