Shawn Mendes: Celebrities who have been his partner

yeshawn mendes is a Canadian singer who became an international sensation by posting covers of songs on the now-defunct Vine. Mendes’ guitar skills and angelic voice skyrocketed his popularity on social media, leading Island Records to offer him a recording contract. Shawn immediately showed his star potential and has won the hearts of multiple celebrities who have become his partners.

Mendes broke record after record as more people around the world fell in love with him and his music. It wasn’t long before Shawn became a complete sex symbol with dreamy eyes, wavy hair, a toned body, a fun personality, and limitless talent. Inevitably, Shawn’s love life has become the subject of intense interest, especially after his breakup with Camila Cabello. Do you know who they have been? his girlfriends?

Lauren Arendse

Before Shawn Mendes found success, he was just a teen star of Came that he did normal teenage things, like going to prom and hanging out with his friends from school.

And in fact, fans have long speculated that her date for the graduation dance it was his classmate Lauren Arendse, the ex-girlfriend Shawn once mentioned in a 2017 Q&A.

“Actually, I had a girlfriend for two years And I wrote songs about her. But I write a lot of songs about love that I may not exactly understand, but I think I almost get it right,” she said.

haley bieber

The celebrity couple attended the Met Gala 2018 together, making us believe that something had happened to them, but Shawn broke our hearts when he explained to People that they were simply friends who had been asked to represent Tommy Hilfiger.

But, surprise surprise, the singer later revealed that they were “more than friends” in 2018, though he avoided labeling it as a full-fledged relationship.

“I don’t even want to put a title on it. I think it was more of a limbo zone.” Just about a month after hanging out at the Met Gala together, Hailey got engaged to Justin Bieber, whom she eventually married.

Camila Hair

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello met while they were both on tour with Austin Mahon. The couple spoke with V Magazine about their first impressions of each other. Camila recalled that Shawn just played guitar, while Shawn talked about Camila’s conversational skills as well as her ‘crazy’ stunts: “I’d be looking out the tour bus window and I’d see you like, flying in riding a scooter and jumping and doing cartwheels,” Shawn said.

In 2015, the couple wrote their song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” together, and have been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately they were just friends, and for a long time the couple denied that they were dating.

It wasn’t until July 2019 that they confirmed they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Shawn recently revealed that he had feelings for Camila for five years before working up the courage to ask her out.

“It takes a lot of courage to tell a woman you love her. I had five years of fear of being rejected by her that kept me from doing it all the time, or just trust. I think, you know, it just took me one tear. It took me a long time to prepare. I mean, I had a five-year warm-up so I could finally tell her how I felt“, revealed in an interview.

Shawn and Camilla’s public relationship was once rumored to be a publicity stunt, but they eventually ended up dating for a couple of years. splitting up in 2021 And breaking all of our hearts.

Other celebrities who have fallen in love with Shawn Mendes

In 2016, Mendes and Chloe Grace Moretz sparked dating rumors after exchanging flirty messages on Twitter. Chloe started the interaction after reacting to a beautiful photo of Mendes. However, the duo’s online flirtation led to nothing in real life.

In March 2013, Mendes also asked out Andrae Russett in social networks, but it was also a simple flirtation that did not lead to anyone serious.

For his part, Shawn has also revealed in interviews that he has fallen in love with several actresses such as: Rachel McAdams and Margot Robbie.

Who will be his next girlfriend?

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