Shawn Mendes described Camila Cabello’s parents as “my second mom and my second dad”



The singer explained what it was like to spend the quarantine with his girlfriend and his family

Yesterday Shawn Mendes he said that he and Camila Cabello they got even closer during the lockdown – “we have become one, even though we are doing our own thing” – and now he went into even more detail in another interview.


Speaking with Ryan Seacrest, he explained that during the quarantine passed in Miami he learned to do everyday things, such as cooking and washing clothes.

I moved to Miami and lived with Camila and her family. And suddenly I found myself at learn how to prepare dinner and do laundry for the first time, which sounds stupid but if you’ve been on tour since you were 15, it’s a part of life you’ve missed“.

He knows he is lucky in his position, but like everyone else he was scared in the face of the pandemic: “I think I’m very lucky because of course I’m incredibly privileged and I was in a nice and comfortable house. But of course it was all scary and crazy. It was the first time I spent time with my girlfriend and her family in their home in Miami. I was there for three months so I went to the kitchen and laundry, this was nice“.

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To cope with the anxiety triggered by the situation in the world, he said he had started a diary: “With all that was happening, there was a lot of reflection. I started a diary and now I’m obsessed with it“.

The host then asked him if he feared that his girlfriend or his followers might read it and the singer would “Wonder” he said he had no problem leaving the diary unattended because he trusts the Cabellos as if they were his family.

I don’t know if I did it conscientiously or not, but I left it around on purpose. I really trust Camila and her family. hour they became my second mom and my second dad. it suited me even if they had read the diary”.

Shawn Mendes also revealed what they looked at to pass the time: “We saw all Harry Potters probably three times, Stranger Things thrice“.

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