She broke down in tears after the premiere of this misunderstood film

Under the Skin is a cult film now, but it was rejected at the time

Word ‘cult film‘Refers to any film that has achieved some sort of popular cult following, either by format or by production, but above all by its plot or its ideology. Far from aesthetic or narrative conventions, they are usually considered controversial at first, especially by containing controversial ideas or themes, but over time they are recognized as minor masterpieces and a ‘subculture’ has grown around them. ‘ is generated. Scarlett JohanssonOne of the most loved actresses, Releasing a misunderstood ‘cult film’ had direct consequences,

We have to go back to 2013 to remember what premiere was under the skinmost controversial film of Scarlett Johansson, a strange and interesting work that exposed the interpreter as never before. Outside, a science fiction drama; Inside, a powerfully magnetic psychological drama that made even the most traditional audiences return. What Happened and Why Was This Premiere Scarlett Johansson’s Worst Moment Ever?

Scarlett Johansson and the controversy surrounding the premiere of Under the Skin at the Venice Festival

i won’t deny it under the skin It’s a strange film, to say the least. And that is why an unacceptable situation has arisen at such an important event for cinema as the Venice Festival 2013: When the broadcast ended, the public began to criticize what they saw on the screen.,

Now, 10 years after this incident, alberto barbera Has spoken to The Guardian about this: “Scarlett was almost crying. I tried to tell him: ‘Don’t worry, the film will get recognition in a while.’ And that’s exactly what happened, because now this cult,

The hero himself also remembers what happened: “Finally, when the lights came on, there was the sound of people clapping and shouting at the same time, but with equality. I didn’t know how to react. I think she… I wouldn’t say upset, but she was surprised. I looked over at Jonathan and he was so happy, just so excited. We left the theater and I told him ‘that’s so weird’ and he said ‘that’s the best reaction ever! Most amazing sound I have ever heard in my life.’ I’d rather not be in the middle I’d rather be wrong than this lukewarm response“I assure you Scarlett Johansson,

The interpreter also remembers this moment and compares it with what happened to him when he saw eyes wide Shutteacher’s Stanley Kubrick: He saw her in the cinema three times. The first he hated, the second he loved, and the third even more: “I can’t totally blame the movie I hated“reflects Scarlett Johansson,

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson was not happy with the reception for Under the Skin at the Venice Film Festival 2013

How to watch Under the Skin on Filmin

A mysterious woman (SCARLETT JOHANSSON) roams the streets of Scotland, luring lonely and trusting men to deadly fates. under the skin only available in streaming In filming,

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