“She called me a ‘bitch’ on the air”: Ayem Nour settles accounts with a former TPMP columnist

Ayem Nour, who had been attacked immediately on her return to TPMP has settled accounts with a former columnist of TPMP. This Saturday, October 22, 2022, in TPMP People on C8, Matthieu Delormeau asked the columnists: “Who is the most obnoxious personality you have met?“. And the ex-candidate of Secret Story 5 and former host of Mad Mag mentioned Enora Malagré.

Enora Malagré who has a new project with “Baba”, alias Cyril Hanouna, recently confessed during an interview with Amélie Marzouk in her podcast Mirrors : “You have a moment when you take the melon a little, because suddenly everyone recognizes you and loves you for not much“. And Ayem Nour confirmed: “Enora Malagré, and I appreciate her humility and her transparency, because there was a time, she was obnoxious, unbearable, and I know that she will tackle me behind after my remarks. But she was obnoxious, unbearable, insulting”.

So much so that at one point we even had clashes interposed because she had taken a kind of position, of power in the show, she had a very important place, she had become odious, really, yes she had taken the melon“added Ayem who would be in a relationship again (with a known man). And when Matthieu Delormeau tried to defend his friend Enora Malagré, the columnist assured: “Yes, yes, hateful. Me, she called me a ‘bitch’ on the air Matthieu“. So “I appreciate this mea culpa“, especially as Enora would have been “hateful“, “as I could have been myself at some point“said Ayem.

Ayem also remembers a French actress who “has refused” that she is next to her on the photos of a red carpet

Another celebrity who would have been horrible with Ayem Nour? French actress Anne Parillaud, particularly known for her role as Nikita in the eponymous film by Luc Besson, which earned her a César for best actress. “I was at the Plurielles Festival (in Compiègne, editor’s note) that I hosted. And Anne Parillaud refused that I appear next to her for the photo-call“explained the influencer,”She made a special request so that I wouldn’t be next to her in the photos.“, “it’s still indelicate, we’re still human beings. We all have the right to respect each other from human being to human being. It was a little out of place though.“.

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