She is Núria Tomás, Gerard Piqué’s ex before he met Shakira

After the Spanish team won the championship World Cup 2010 in South Africathe Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué and his partner at the time, the actress Núria Tomás, daughter of the Spanish businessman Henry Thomasdecided to take a vacation together, although a short time later the breakup would come, and the announcement of the new romance that had been born between Piqué and Shakira. The rest is known history.

When Núria and Gerard separated, she stayed away and avoided all kinds of controversy.

After ending her courtship with Piqué, Núria focused on her acting career. The rumors that were circulating were that the relationship between the soccer player and the singer began when Núria and Gerard were still dating, but the actress did not want to enter into controversy and never gave details of the separation.

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