“She kisses very well, with everything and her crooked mouth”: The teacher Ximena from “Carrusel” tells that she pretended to be a journalist to meet Sylvester Stallone when she was 16 years old | People | Entertainment

The actress Gaby Rivero, known for her role as the teacher Ximena in “Carrusel” has many anecdotes in her artistic career since she was seen on the small screen at a very young age. One of her fondest memories is meeting the star of the Rocky movie saga, Sylvester Stallone.

She was just a young girl, when she had this opportunity and with a big smile, she revealed how she met the great Hollywood star, on a visit to her native country.

Currently, the Mexican artist continues to be active in dramatic productions, playing mature women, as she did in one of her last characters in “Amor Divided”, starring Gabriel Soto and Eva Cedeño.

This is how the teacher Ximena met Sylvester Stallone

As a guest of the program “The minute that changed my destiny” she talked about how her career has been and in the middle of the conversation, Gaby Rivero told a funny story of her youth, when she was only 16 years old and had the opportunity to meet her idol Sylvester Stallone, 35 years old at the time, published the newspaper Milenio.

He revealed that he was going through a bad time, after breaking up with a boyfriend who had left for the city of Wisconsin, in the United States. She was sad, crying in her room and at that moment her mother called her to inform her that the actor was in the country.

He pointed out that he got up and decided at all costs to meet him and in this way he began to think about what to do to make that happen. At that time, she Rivero was a student and seeing that one of her teachers was the one who was interviewing the actor, she undertook the adventure to get to know him.

“Jacobo Zabludovsky was interviewing him, who at that time was my teacher because he taught me Newscasts (…) I said: ‘I’ll take the car and go to Televisa Chapultepec to introduce it to me,'” he said upon seeing that I had a certain chance that it could happen.

He continued speaking and added. “He was not going to give me time because it was live, so I started looking in the newspaper and saw that there was a race where he was going to award the winner in Chapultepec, I said: ‘that place is not suitable,'” he reflected to the to doubt being able to have contact with the super star.

Gaby Rivero pretended to be a journalist

He continued searching his agenda and found that Sylvester Stallone would be participating in a press conference at the El Camino Real hotel in Anzures.

Gaby Rivero overcame all the obstacles and there was no missing detail that she overlooked, so she invited her sister Lourdes, who speaks English, to accompany her to help her as a translator.

She said that once they arrived at the hotel, her sister posed as her manager and she as a journalist for the Televisa channel, as a way to get to interview the famous American actor.

“I went in and when I saw him, I don’t know how he saw me, but my heart made me like this. He saw me and sent me the guarura (bodyguard) to tell me if I wanted to eat with him… We went up to a suite that he had and we were going to eat at Le Fouquet’s, which is a restaurant that he has privately on El Camino Real, “he mentioned.

From the room where Sylvestre was staying, Gaby Rivero managed to get in there with her sister and have contact with the actor, revealing that she unexpectedly kissed him on the mouth.

In a humorous way, she remembered that she forgot her sadness for her boyfriend who had traveled to another country, after living a pleasant experience with the artist whom she had dreamed of meeting so much.

“He asked for room service, there we were with my sister, the secretary and yes, I did kiss him,” confessed the protagonist of “Carousel” amid much laughter.

“He kisses very well, highly recommended, with everything and his crooked mouth, yes because he was paralyzed (…) Notice that he told me if it rained he would not leave because he is terrified of the plane when it rains and then as there was a tremendous storm that Later he told me: ‘if it keeps raining I’m not going to leave, but if it doesn’t rain I’ll come back’ and I asked Tlaloc to make it rain so I could see him again, he happily recounted the encounter. (AND)

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