She listed all the “bad things” about living as a Latina in the United States and her followers reacted

Betzabet León left her native country, Colombia, to emigrate to the United States and get the life you wanted so much. She made the change a long time ago and she works as a waitress and housekeeper in a hotel, but she recently revealed that not everything is as she expected.

For her the dream of residing in the North American country He also has some negative aspects and he shared them for all who want to follow in his footsteps. “Welcome to the circus of the American dream.begins by saying his clip.

She is an influencer who is dedicated to creating content about what her life is like in Florida, through his @bmlg7 account on Tiktok and also on Instagram. Thanks to catchy songs and fun choreographythe young woman often shares details of her day to day, even revealing people’s reactions to her Latina status.

In one of those clips, he decided to dismantle “the circus” of the American dream with the song “Life is a carnival”, by Celia Cruz, background. Although he came to highlight there that with his work he earns a good sum of money, he immediately made it clear that part of his salary -at least 100 dollars- must be sent regularly to his country of origin. “That for you is nothing”he wrote with a certain acidity and irony.

“Welcome to the circus of the American dream”, the tiktoker clip begins

His main point was the large amount of work that she has every day, since she is usually active up to 60 hours a week. “You live sleepy all day,” he described. With her testimony, he showed that it has not been easy for her to undertake this change, but he assured -as in most of her other posts- of her that With a good attitude it is always possible to get ahead.

However, many of her followers strongly contradicted her: “I have lived in the USA for two years and none of that happens to me, on the contrary, I work less than in my native country and I live better and I only have one job”, commented a user. The tiktoker was not silent and she immediately replied: “Pass the data”, showing that it is not so easy to find such a flexible opportunity.

Betzabet leads a happy life, as she usually details and reflects, but to achieve it he had to make many sacrifices. For example: “live” sleepily all day, work long hours, hold two jobs to supportpay rent and spend most of the time on the street for work.

Although she emphasized that not everything is as easy as one thinks, she specified that she undertakes everything from love and with the hope of getting ahead. Also, he is not the first person to tell of his discouraging experience residing on US soil.

Living in the United States is not what everyone thinks, according to the tiktoker Betzabet León
Living in the United States is not what everyone thinks, according to the tiktoker Betzabet León

Both she and other Latinos who decided to emigrate have described that every effort has its reward and that to obtain fruits you have to fight.

Despite receiving various criticisms, some quite malicious (“they are people who are not used to working, as they have never left their country…”, wrote one user) Betzabet also emphasizes that it is necessary to fight to reach the proposed goals. And so some followers also let him know, like the one who commented: “The more hours you work, the more you earn, It is the advantage that you do not have in any other country.”

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