She Said: A necessary tape after #MeToo?

Ella Dijo (She Said) is an intense story about the power of words and the serious consequences that silence can have

“Do you really think that talking will make something happen?” That is the question that journalists constantly faced Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey before his story about the wave of abuse of the producer Harvey Weinstein was published in the newspaper The New York Times in 2017.

This investigation shocked the world of Hollywood so much because it inspired the movement #MeToo, where hundreds of women, among them prestigious figures, began to make public their experiences with the sexual abuse and harassment who suffered at the hands of men who went unpunished.

The industry has tried to vindicate itself ever since. But between the implementation of zero tolerance protocols, privacy coordinators and a more empathetic environment towards the victims, the allegations remain the subject of intense public scrutiny and actors like Bill Cosby, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt they can still pull the levers necessary for the world to dismiss and forget the accusations they receive, casting doubt on the efficacy of justice methods and the true impact of the entire movement.

Six years after the report that changed everything, the question of whether real talk makes some impact is still valid, and it is precisely what it tries to explore She Said (She Said), the film directed by Maria Schrader about the investigation and the long process they went through to publish their report.

She said

A Feminine Vision

Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan They are the actresses who play Twohey and Kandor on their pilgrimage for the truth. But what stands out from the beginning in the film is the intense atmosphere of silence that looms throughout the footage.

She said it doesn’t start with some dramatization of Weinstein’s abuse. Neither with the resounding discovery that made Twohey and Kandor kuchar tirelessly to publish their research. The story begins with the Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency of the United States, a man who during the contest in 2016 constantly talked about how his power allowed him to “do whatever he wanted with women.”

The tense atmosphere that his rise to power caused is also featured in the film. She said shows us the feminist march that took place just after the protest of Trump and the voices that were immediately raised. But it marks the environment of uncertainty and stress that both journalists will navigate throughout the film.

The duo have a strong commitment to obtain the truth, but they also have to deal with deep problems that concern specifically the female gender. Twohey must deal with postpartum depression Y kandor he has to be present in the care of his young children.

The way in which they deal with these issues is extremely interesting, as they show us how women they must constantly balance their work with personal issues. But She said is not limited to presenting a feminine vision of life, both protagonists are surrounded by examples about what men who are allies look like: either being couples who cooperate with housework or bosses who they commit to helping them do a good job while protecting them from possible retaliation.

For this reason, it is very hard to see when they interview the witnesses who were victims of Weinstein, because in addition to dealing with the same gender vicissitudes as Twohey and Kandor, they must be added the weight of the trauma and the ways in which each of them has dealt with it.

She said

He Said / She Said

The weight of these interactions really puts into perspective how much weight can words carry against such a powerful man. The denunciations of the witnesses are terrifying, not only for the acts themselves, but also for the ease with which Weinstein kept his actions quiet. And yes, the only explanation for that is the level of power and prestige he had.

Therefore, it was a great detail also that it really never see weinstein on screen and all the complaints with him occur over the phone and through his legal team, as if insinuating that this process it happens with any powerful man in any industry. You don’t need to see their face to feel the full weight of their threat and the consequences they will face if the note goes wrong.

At one point in the film, everything remains in words: the version of Twohey and Kandor against that of weinstein. And the only thing that can give legitimacy to the story of the journalists against the renowned figure of the most powerful man in hollywood is that the victims dare to speak publicly.

And in the face of the tumult of guilt, anger and threats, everything indicates that it seems better to keep silent, especially for the tedious and frustrating process of creating the note. And it is that instead of building it as an act of bravery and heroism, She said shows us how a punctuation error, a bad idea, any error it can and will be used to destroy the credibility of the investigation – and the entire newspaper – completely.

She said

Speaking as an act of heroism

She said it does fall into some clichés and limitations that this type of film imposes. Very to the Spotlight or All The President’s Men, Twohey and Kandor have a passion and tireless dedication to the truth and journalistic work, and it doesn’t matter if they have to travel to other countries in order to find the truth.

Also for this reason we know in advance the result it will have and the importance of its note, and the tape promises to end with a tone hopeful and triumphant. However, it is the female vision, the presence of the victims, the emphasis that is placed on the environment that was lived at that time in United States and How do they present the idea that First, the subject had to be discussed to materialize the monster that Harvey Weinstein really is, which gives a totally different dimension to the tape.

So, faced with the constant question of whether Real talk has some impact, She Said shows us that the path to find the truth is difficult, that words are very weak in the face of the attacks of a system that is already abusive, but that they can gain strength when people come together for a common goal. They are also the first step to start making tangible and real changes in the world. And that is an extremely interesting approach that will undoubtedly unleash intense discussions.

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