She was a princess and an Oxford graduate, but she would have abandoned everything for this Mexican heartthrob

In the entertainment industry, great love stories have been presented, from relationships that were born on the set to those that, in order to materialize, involved great sacrifices from one of the parties. Such is the case of a rich woman who, regardless of her princess titledecided to leave everything for the Mexican actor Roger War.

This unique couple met in the 70s, when Phendra Carlina Johnson Duleins arrived in Mexico with her noble title of Queen Elizabeth I. The reason for his visit was make a commercial with Jorge Rivero; however, the actor’s father fell ill and the production was forced to replace him.

That was how Rogelio Guerra met the princess. But, according to a publication in the magazine TV and novels of the year 1982, love did not arise immediately. “Seeing her. Rogelio did not imagine that she was a model. It was too simple. She was wearing pants, a t-shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it and she sported some beautiful golden braids,” reads the middle of it.

After a few weeks love blossomed between the couplebut what could have been a sudden romance soon turned into a strong bond that would lead the young woman to make a forceful decision.

What happened to Rogelio Guerra and Phendra Carlina?

Phendra Carlina was not only a princess; graduated from Oxford University with a Ph.D., while promoting his career in the entertainment industry. However, this romance began to put the parties in check when The actress had to give up her title as princess to be able to marry the Mexican.

“Yes, I was a princess,” she told the magazine, “Elizabeth I bestowed the title on an ancestor of mine. By marrying a man who is not noble, I lost him“. Carlina did not seem to be too affected by her decision, because, according to her, “she was not paid to be a princess.”

All this was coupled with the fact that in 1982, Guerra fell ill with his spine and had to be bedridden for a month. The former princess stayed by her side for weeks to help him heal, leaving his royal life behind her.


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