Sherlyn tells details of her imitation of Camilo and the Colombian’s congratulations: “He talks about how it was done well”

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A couple of weeks after starting the program “Your face is familiar to me”Sherlyn has begun to stand out and has even stolen looks, as happened this weekend, where she gave life to Camilo, which is why the singer sought her out to congratulate her and thank her for the work done.

reason that fills me with joy Sherlyn and more because he knows that the singer is days away from becoming a father for the first time, “that he took time to see my work, that makes me very happy, because it speaks to the fact that it was done well, as well as being a great team effort”.

“More than five hours late in the characterization of Camilo and it was a laborious process”Sherlyn said in an interview with TimeX where he added that for this reason, he remained in character throughout the day, prior to the gala, because he did not want to make mistakes or get out of character.

Sherlyn is excited after her characterization

“It was not easy being Camilo, because it is the furthest thing from me, being a man and it was not even easy to get his clothes, although you would think so, because it is a blanket. There are many things that I had to work on,” said the actress, who called on the producers to watch the Sunday broadcast, because there they will be able to see that she is a versatile actress and not just a drama actress.

Read the complete interview with Sherlyn in TiempoX Mexico

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