Sheryl Lee Ralph’s dart to the Kardashian operations

    The Jenner-Kardashian ‘Klan’ gets into conflicts even if they don’t leave the house (even inside it, they are a source of news and controversy). From the ‘haters’ who criticize some of them, like Khloé for being ‘too thin’ (what a shame to keep reading comments on this topic) to others who try to annoy Kourtney by ensuring that she does not spend enough time with her little ones. she; family is always on everyone’s lips. And, of course, in an event like the golden globes, how are the queens of the catwalks not going to appear. We anticipate two things: Sheryl Lee Ralph and aesthetic operations.

    Many times we have heard that friend who can’t stand watching ‘reality shows’ wonder if The surgeries of the ‘celebrities’ have been normalized. We are not going to get into that matter, because we understand both positions. Each one can do what she wants in her body to feel in the best version of herself and, in the same way, it is just as good that there are people who claim what is natural. However, if we think of the most famous family on television, it is true that We have not lived a single day in which his overexposure to aesthetic operations has not been discussed.

    The last to join this type of comment has been the actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, who has surprised by her role in the series that has won the Golden Globe 2023 for ‘Best Comedy Series’, ‘Abbott Elementary’. The artist has responded in a very direct way when she has been asked (on the red carpet at the awards) that she send a message to the 15-year-old version of her. “There is nothing wrong with your nose, your skin, your hair or your lips“She commented, surely referring to some kind of insecurity that she had in her adolescence.

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    However, although it started as a beautiful message in which she showed how much she loves herself, she then focused on uniting him with the ‘Klan’. She has referred to all of them saying that “there will always be people, called the Kardashians, who will want to pay $10,000 to have your lips“. How strong!

    The Kardashian sisters who have recognized surgeries

    Despite the fact that there are people who continue to talk about the possible surgeries that the Kardashian sisters have undergone, they are not afraid to acknowledge their physical changes and the operations they have undergone. One of the women who has spoken the most about her retouching is Khloe Kardashianwho stated in a meeting of the reality show that she starred in with her sisters (‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’) that he had touched his nose a bit.

    los angeles, ca december 06 khloe kardashian attends the 12th annual cracked xmas gala at the wiltern on december 6, 2009 in los angeles, california photo by jason laverisfilmmagic

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    santa monica, california november 10 khloé kardashian attends the 2019 e peoples choice awards at barker hangar on november 10, 2019 in santa monica, california photo by jon kopalofffilmmagic

    Jon KopaloffGetty Images

    Another who has also been criticized on numerous occasions has been Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the whole family. She took a little longer to reveal the operations she had undergone. However, in a chapter of the series ‘KUWTK’ He claimed to have had surgery on his lips due to an insecurity that one of his first kisses created for himafter which, they told him they were too small.

    hollywood november 15 tv personality kylie jenner arrives at the los angeles premiere burlesque at graumans chinese theater on november 15, 2010 in hollywood, california photo by jon kopalofffilmmagic

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    new york, new york november 15 kylie jenner attends the thierry mugler couturissime exhibition opening night at brooklyn museum on november 15, 2022 in new york city photo by taylor hillwireimage

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    And if we think about the creator of the Kardashian phenomenon (with apologies to Kris Jenner), Kim She has also been the most criticized for her physique (even for reducing her breast implants). However, she Kim always puts a good face on bad comments and she went so far as to affirm that “I just had a little botox‘. We love.

    Santa Monica, CA July 28 Kim Kardashian attends the TMG International Curriculum Style La Swim Resort Runway Fashion Show at the Viceroy Hotel on July 28, 2008 in Santa Monica, California Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroixwireimage

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    west hollywood, california november 12 kim kardashian attends the 2022 baby2baby gala presented by paul mitchell at pacific design center on november 12, 2022 in west hollywood, california photo by phillip faraonegetty images for baby2baby

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