She’s Andrea Correa, Shakira’s impressive perfect double in ‘My Name Is’.

‘my name is’ It is one of the most watched entertainment programs in the nine seasons that aired on Colombian nights, Hundreds of singers have passed through the stage.

With a career that has made its mark on television, ‘Yo Me Lamo’ has managed to win over the audience with its original format and the impeccable quality of its participants.

one of imitators have attracted the most attention This new season has ‘My Name Is Shakira’ winning the hearts of the jury in this new phase of the competition Impeccable presentation and great development that has happened since the auditions.

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a series of Emotions, Applause and Surprise With the jury’s response, he managed to summon an impersonator of Colombian singer, Shakira, who performed one of Barranquillaera’s recent hits. ‘Shakira: The BizzRap Music Sessions, Vol 53’, in collaboration with Argentinian BizzRap.

The success achieved by the woman was so tremendous that the video of the presentation The matter reached the hands of the real Shakirawho shared the best moments of the presentation through their stories on their official Instagram account and assured: “Unbelievable but true! Better than the original!”

Who is Shakira’s impersonator in ‘Yo Me Lambo’?

The users of the social network were in charge of finding the person who has so far best interpreted the singer of Barranquilla, Shakira, it turns out that The woman’s real name is Andrea Correa and she currently has over 39,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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It also turns out that Korea is not Colombian Shakira’s “exact double” is from Chile and has already participated in a fake reality show in her country, Where unfortunately it didn’t do that well, so he decided to appear in Colombia with ‘Yo Me L├ímo’.

Information on his official Instagram account, where he appears @Yomellamoshakira_2023It can be seen that he participated in ‘Yo Soy Chile’ in 2020 and thanked them for their participation in this entertainment program, assuring: “Thanks to the opportunity that Cristian Riquelme gave me, I decided to imitate Shakira professionally.”

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The woman has indicated that she has one manager in Colombia and another in Chile, as she is approached for several shows, she also admits She is backed by a fashion designer who creates some of the original singer’s most iconic outfits.

After Shakira’s comment, seeing her “absolutely double” the young copycat couldn’t help but get excited, so she shared a series of videos on her Instagram stories, giving assurances, giggling with joy: “I can’t do this with feelings, swear to God, it’s real, it’s real. Thank you so much for supporting me, I am very happy, very happy, it is a dream come true.

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