Shiba Inu Coin: Fake contracts on Coinmarketcap

Shiba Inu Coin And Coinmarketcap still at loggerheads. After quarrels pitted groups following the total market cap, now it’s the turn of three malicious contracts, which they were mistakenly associated with from CMC precisely to Shib.

An extremely question risky – given that Coinmarketcap is perhaps the most visited site in the world with regards to basic information on the world of cryptocurrencies. And that in all probability, at least this is the hope, it will soon be resolved.

Coinmarketcap still fails - 3 fake contracts on $ SHIB
Three dangerous fake $ SHIB contracts posted on Coinmarketcap

However, a very risky situation remains – and we urge our readers not to interact with any of the reported contracts, respectively BSC, for Solana and for Earth Moon, which at the time of writing are still clearly visible on Coinmarketcap.

Who wants to interact with $ SHIB will have to continue to do so through the contract from Ethereum which has always been used. With the question that unfortunately comes back to make us believe that CMC is not the most reliable of the hub information regarding the topic of crypto.

Three contracts listed on the $ SHIB page, but they are scams

That is good and good scams. It is not yet clear how the three contracts, which, as we have already said, belong to the networks of Solana, as well as of BSC from Binance and of Earth Moon, have arrived on the page officer of Shiba Inu Coin.

The fact is that even now, as we are writing this report, just click on the icon blackberries in the voice contracts to see the three addresses. With the problem that, although the account has already been activated Twitter officer of $ SHIB, there seems to be no way to eliminate them at least for the moment.

We remind you that ** $ SHIB is an ERC-20 token. Be careful! Thanks for your support, we are working hard to resolve this situation.

Tweet which was then followed up with an invitation, for it Shibarmy, to behave calmly for the situation to be resolved.

This time we ask the ShibArmy to behave in a calm and professional way. Our team has already sent the necessary for the three erroneous contracts that are listed on Coinmarketcap. We are awaiting answers and we do not want this situation to be resolved, for the good of the community.

Therefore also confirmed the fact that Coinmarketcap, as has unfortunately already happened in the past, it does not have these response times fast, even when the matter, as in this case, is actually extremely serious.

What to do in the meantime?

Don’t interact with contracts, except that ERC-20, which we find written inside the page of Coinmarketcap dedicated to Shiba Inu Coin. There is in fact the certainty that it is fraudulent contracts, which will make us lose everything we actually send you.

We stay with our eyes open, and when something so important (like the introduction of $ SHIB on other chains) should actually happen, we will not fail to report it too here on Where today we can boast of being more reliable and responsive than Coinmarketcap.

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