Shiba Inu Token Scam? | Watch what some newspapers write …

Is Shiba Inu Coin a Scam? The question, like so many that happen, should be faced with a little more seriousness, trying to put aside those deleterious behaviors of web publishers who are often on the hunt for the last click.

Shiba Inu Coin – whose discovery we have always been proud of on these pages – it is not a scam – and its particular status as cryptocurrency born as meme it must not be misleading. Just as it should not push those who have seriousness and truth at heart to express themselves with certain titles. An issue on which we will have to – unfortunately – come back once again.

Shiba clickbait - not a scam
Shiba under attack by clickbaiters

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Shiba Inu Coin is not a scam, but there are those who ride the wave …

With Shiba Inu Coin which registered one of the racing most important in the history of cryptocurrencies, some doubts it was legitimate to have it, especially during its first phase of existence like pure meme coin.

In the last months of water under the bridges – forgive us the metaphor – a lot has passed and the project has evolved to become something much more complex than a good part of the cryptocurrencies which we find among the first 100 by capitalization.

Yet there are some colleagues who – riding the discontent due to the important correction to which the cryptocurrency is the subject in recent weeks – try to grab a handful of clicks. Unaware of the terror that certain stocks could unleash among those who invested. But let’s proceed in order, first trying to understand how to approach the world of information on cryptocurrencies and on $ SHIB, then trying to figure out whether or not this protocol is a scam.

Watch out for the titles: they are not always truthful

The first piece of advice we can give our readers is to beware of titles of a certain type. Because although they are used to summarize, technically, the content of a piece, there are often those who make a nefarious use of it. By launching alarms that do not make any kind of sense only then to take you inside the page.

Questionable practice in itself, which becomes even worse when it insinuates that Shiba Inu Coin be one scam. Which then maybe is not supported within the page – or that is supported without foundation. DYOR – that is to say Do your Own Research – is always valid, even when theoretically we have one in front of us reliable tested.

No, Shiba Inu Coin is not a scam

You may like it or not. Not bad, in a sector that counts further 10,000 assets. But when one accuses something of being a scam, one should follow that American adage that wants extraordinary evidence in the face of equally extraordinary assumptions. That is: who thinks that Shiba Inu Coin is a scam, it should bring evidence to the table instead of speculating.

We believe that this type of position can only be as far from reality as possible. $ SHIB was born as meme coin and it was incredibly successful, but afterwards instead of letting managers capitalize on it, he decided to put his head down and add services upon services.

We could start from ShibaSwap, which although not the most used of ADM, it is still active, it works and has never scammed anyone. Operation too Shitoshi, through NFT it was a success, once again with no one reasonably disputing anything.

Let us remember that many far more prestigious protocols such as Bitcoin have suffered, until some time ago (and from some deranged continue to suffer even today) accusations of being a scam or one Ponzi scheme. We all know how things went then, at the end of the each other, with all the major banks of the world they have BTC at the cashier.

Shiba will continue to be volatile and hurtful, but it’s not a scam

$ SHIB will continue to remain volatile – to give great bull run and equally important fixes. With the dissatisfaction of many but with the joy of a much larger group. But even this characteristic cannot in any way be traced back to its fraudulent nature. This is simply how it works $ SHIB, between FOMO And fear of those who entered the all-time high. Situations that the most smart they capitalize with trading, and that instead i long term hodlers they should avoid looking too closely.

For those who want to continue riding the wave, there will be the possibility to do so also with Capital.comgo here to receive a free virtual account – intermediary that provides the best platforms for the short period, For example MetaTrader 4 And TradingView, systems that offer advanced technical analysis and order management at the top the market has to offer. For those who can hold it, good volatility. For others who scream scam, we can only remember that data and facts lie elsewhere.

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