Shiloh would choose a distant university to distance herself from Angelina Jolie: Reveal episodes of rebelliousness of Brad Pitt’s daughter asking for “equality” with her older brothers

Rumors about Shiloh’s alleged rebellion are becoming more and more pronounced. The American press remains attentive to the statements given by informants close to the family, and they assure that the young girl wants to distance herself from Angelina Jolie, and what better way than her at the time she has to choose which university she will attend.

The scandalous separation starring Brad Pitt and the protagonist of “Maleficent”, is leaving new results after knowing the reports of the complaint that the actress made to the FBI, after the violent episode they experienced on the private plane during the flight from Nice to the United States.

The actor is left very badly off, before the revealing story of the superstar in which he accuses him of taking her by the head and shoulders, in the middle of an argument while hitting the roof of the aircraft, giving her expletives under the influence of alcohol.

Shiloh wants to distance herself from her mother Angelina Jolie

Last month, Angelina Jolie proudly announced her eldest daughter Zahara’s aspirations as she departs for Spelman College in Atlanta, where she will attend college at the prestigious college for girls of color.

The actress confessed her joy and sadness at the same time when she left her 17-year-old daughter. “I’m going to cry if I talk about today. I have stood my ground so far without sobbing, so maybe I can continue,” she said the day Zahara was welcomed into the institution.

Already in 2019, she had done the same with Maddox by accompanying him to Yonsei College in South Korea, showing disappointment at having to leave her son in such a distant country.

Now it comes to light that her biological firstborn was thinking of putting distance from her mother, choosing a university far from Los Angeles.

According to the Celebrity Insider portal, the 16-year-old teenager would be preparing to go to a distant institution, as a way to put land in between, published The Things.

With the most recent photos of mother and daughter attending the Maneskin rock band concert in Rome, it is hardly believable that the duo are badly getting along. However, the American media insists that the informant disclosed what life is really like for the Jolie-Pitts today.

The conflicts in the home of the big screen celebrity are taking place because Shiloh asks for greater freedom equal to that of his older brothers.

According to the source, the young dancer “slams doors all over the house” and verbally fights with her mother, because “they don’t treat her fairly at home.”

“Maddox and Pax were allowed to drive and walk alone when they were his age. Shiloh is resisting,” the insider revealed.

The months will pass and it will be known which university will receive the favorite daughter of Jolie’s fans, who has focused her life on raising her 6 children, since her separation and subsequent divorce occurred.

Meanwhile, Life & Style published that the ties between Shiloh and her father Brad Pitt are indestructible and they have never lost communication.

“He is particularly close to Shiloh”, the two have a loving, fun and authentic relationship and are cut from the same cloth”, comments the informative source when talking about the good relationship between the actor and his daughter, who keeps great resemblance to the movie heartthrob.

In the moments in which they share, they have music as a bond that they are both passionate about. “Playing music together, watching movies and art, and spending a lot of time together in his studio being creative,” she said.

She added that “Brad never pushes Shiloh and encourages her to pursue her dreams. She is comfortable talking to her father about anything,” she said. (AND)

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