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people over 50 years old they may have immune system that is reduced naturally and are at risk suffer from serious illnessesAmong them are contract tiles, what could affect 99% of adults.

Shingles is also associated with significant costs for people who are living with this disease because 57% reported being absent from work on average 9 days.

Gloria Huerta, medical manager Vaccines at GSK Mexiconoted that it is estimated that 99% of adults over 50 years of age and much more now they have a virus in their bodyI know it causes shinglesThe risk of developing this disease can be increased by various factors, mainly older age, as well as immunodeficiency or immunosuppression, as well as other chronic diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), diabetes mellitus and asthma.

«“Disagreement or anger usually causes stress and releases hormones in the body that change the heart rate and damage the immune system, weakening it, increasing the chances of getting infections or other diseases,” He said this in an interview with Publimetro.

He explained that weakened immune system in people over 50 years of age it is one of the main reasons so here it isreactivate the varicella zoster viruscalling Herpes zoster, a very painful disease also known as shingles. This manifests itself as characteristic blisters or blisters on the body and face that burn and cause severe pain.

Herpes zoster
Shingles lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. (Photo: Special)

What is shingles?

The tiles too known as shinglesis disease causedFor reactivation of varicella zoster virus (VVZ). This virus does not cause the common cold or genital herpes, but rather causes chickenpox. Once a man has chickenpoxHe the virus remains inactive in that nerve tissue and can remain this way for years, even life. One of the manifestations Herpes zoster consists in the presence rash or painful blisters V leather which usually occur on one side body Or Expensive.

  • The tiles can appear on someone what is there had chickenpox
  • Approximately 99% People born before 1980 had chickenpoxeven if they don’t remember it or it goes unnoticed
  • Increased age is associated with a normal and gradual decline protection system, and this is the main reason for this disease
  • People aged 50 and older are more likely to get shingles.

Signs and symptoms of shingles

It usually starts like this pain, burning, or tinglingor on one side back or chestor; followed by redness and/or small blisters on the skin. These blisters may burst and dry out, forming scabs which fall off after 2-3 weeks and can go away long-lasting scars.

It may be accompanied by heat, chills, headache, Joint pain, muscle weakness And inflammation belonging ganglia.

may also affect the face That eyes And ears. If it affects a nerve in the face, it may result in difficulty moving the muscles of the eyes or lips, drooping eyelids, problems or loss of vision; even hearing and taste decreased.

Shingles blisters
Shingles blisters

Forms of infection

Shingles It is not transmitted from person to person.because you have to suffer from it had chickenpox. A person with shingles can transmit varicella zoster virusra any a person who has not had chickenpox or who are not vaccinated against chickenpox.

Usually, Transmission of the virus occurs through direct contact With blisters virus. Once exposed, vulnerable people may chickenpox develops, but not shinglesTo protect people living with a case of this virus, it is recommended to:

  • Keep blisters or broken skin covered.
  • Do not scratch or touch the blisters.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

This condition is usually lasts from 2 to 4 weekssy can cause serious and long-term complications such as postherpetic neuralgia (intense pain that can last for months), which pain scales in some cases describe as more intense than the pain of childbirth.

«Shingles can have a significant impact on the quality of lifecalling depression, anxiety, insomnia And weight loss. In some cases, they can even cause serious complications affecting the eyes, lungs, hearing, inflammation, or even death.” Huerta mentioned.

Shingles vaccine
Shingles vaccine 87.7% effective (Photo: Special Edition)

Prevention of Shingles

The most effective way prevention of shingles through vaccination, which can provide at least decade of protection before that virus after the first vaccine.

Gloria Huerta, medical manager Vaccines at GSK Mexico, According to him study ‘Zoster-049’′, provided efficacy data 87.7% vaccine coverage in adults aged 50 years or more. In Group age 70 years or moreover, efficiency reported in the emailthe study was 73.1%.

«Most importantly, all people 50 and older, and adults 18 and older with weakened immune systems, already have one of the most effective tools for preventing disease: vaccination.”– concluded the medical manager.

Huerta calls people at risk consult your doctor about alternatives prevention of shinglesand also get more detailed information about Causes, symptoms and the consequences of herpes zoster.

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