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The village of Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi
The village of Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi

Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi (France) – Tragedy in the French village dthe Courcelles-sous-Châtenois, in the east of the country, where a whole family it was exterminated by Covid in less than a week All three members of the Py family they were not vaccinated.

Dominique Py, 48, son of an elderly couple, returned to the family home after separation by his wife, he was found died in his bed Sunday 14 November. The firefighters have noticed called by parents that they no longer saw him leave his room. The next day is died the madrAnd, 82, hospitalized for Covid in the hospital. The husband, Robert Py, died five days later, on Saturday November 20, too to the hospital neighbor of Neufchateau. He was 89 years old.

The Mayor from Courcelles-sous-Châtenoi, Michel Humblot explained that the family was hardly seen around the country. I Py they lived a lot among them, at home, and for this they felt protected from the virus and were not vaccinated.

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