Shoes that are in trend and if you include them in your wardrobe you will make a serious mistake

Not all the clothes or accessories they wear trend Big companies are successful. Many times we think that when a Iconic Brand Shows something in their runway that is good and should become fashionable, the same thing happens when a famous person uses them but when we want to follow in their footsteps and we buy clothes or shoes to match them and Even using them is completely useless Disaster,

It was late 2022 when denim shoes And since then there has been a strong attraction among women wanting to use them, especially because some celebrities have joined the trend like the singer Rihanna, Rosalia, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe KardashianAnd although they are excellent models to wear these beautiful shoes, it turns out that you can make a serious mistake if you pair them with yours. wardrobe,

It is best to wear these shoes with a mini dress. Photo: Pinterest People

What are those shoes that are in trend and should we not include them in our wardrobe?

These are the famous high pointe shoes made of denim, who are making waves on TikTok right now. Apart from the fact that this shoe is somewhat expensive, since it exceeds a thousand pesos, for some reasons it would be risky for us to buy them; one of them is because It is quite complicated to combine theseThis is because they are very long, so yes or yes, we need a mini dress or mini skirt so that they do not get confused with your clothes.

The second argument is that these are denim, meaning their style and color are the same cowboy pants, Which are a little out of fashion today. And although there are a variety of colors in these shoes, the most popular colors are cow girls,

Khloé dared to combine them with denim. Photo: Instagram @khloekardashian

Will denim boots become a trend?

Although we may think that they are at the peak of their success, the truth is that they are gradually ceasing to be a favorite. the parade, and it is expected that in a short time they will be buried in the coffin of fashion, another point that shows that it would not be advisable to acquire them. And to clear our doubts once and for all, it’s a shoe we could hardly use For everyday use, because its rigorous and detailed content can answer any discomfort Immediately.

It may be difficult to combine them. Photo: Pinterest

And although the above celebrities wore them just like real expert In fashion, these shoes definitely don’t meet the expectations of people outside the spotlight world because they can show off a lot. loaded dice And went beyond mere showmanship. However, we cannot fail to mention that the styles we create ourselves, so if you are willing to use them, dare to take advantage of them and create best look.

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