Should committed stars like Beyoncé or Lizzo be more irreproachable than the others?

MUSIC – Lizzo and Beyoncé have agreed to re-record lyrics from songs deemed offensive. Are the fans too demanding with them?

Like Lizzo a few months ago, Beyoncé had to re-record one of her songs because it contained a word deemed offensive by people with disabilities. For Lizzo, it was the song Grrrlswhich appears on the album Special and for Beyoncé, it’s the song Heatedtaken from Renaissance.

In both cases, it was the same word that caused the problem: ‘spaz’, a slang term derived from the pejorative word ‘spastic’, which in the UK can refer to someone with cerebral palsy. In a statement, a spokeswoman for Beyoncé announced that the singer would re-record the problematic word, assuring in an email that “the word was not intentionally used to hurt”. Lizzo said she “did not want to promote hurtful language” and said she was “proud to have listened and acted”.

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Steevy, who hosts Musicfeelings, a YouTube channel devoted to R&B and hip-hop, doesn’t necessarily agree with the decision to re-record: “It’s disproportionate. I can understand that people are offended by the use of a word but on social networks you always lose the context. Beyoncé used (…) Read more at 20minutes

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