Showrunners Say The Series Won’t Make The Biggest Game Of Thrones Mistake

The Last of Us: Showrunners Say Series Won't Make Game of Thrones' Biggest Mistake

The Last of Us: Showrunners Say Series Won’t Make Game of Thrones’ Biggest Mistake

The Last of Us is one of the series most anticipated by the public and the fact is that the success of video games means that the title already has many eager fans who have been waiting for years for a faithful and innovative adaptation. Although much has been said about the casting, such as that Pedro Pascal does not wear the same look as the protagonist or that Bella Ramsey does not look like Ellie, the project has always remained one of the most ambitious and the first advance, which copies the trailer. of the video game, it was enough to convince most. Despite the excitement, showrunners want viewers to feel confident that the story won’t be unnecessarily stretched out and that they won’t make the same mistakes as Game of Thrones (83%).

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The Last of Us is a video game that is set in a post-apocalyptic setting and tells the story of Joel, a smuggler who has the task of transporting young Ellie out of the quarantine zone, as she could be the last hope for humanity. Although the stories about the end of the world, contagion, and zombies are not particularly new, the game stood out for its great narrative quality and technical work, which allowed it to exceed sales expectations and have an equally successful sequel. For several years it was thought of adapting the plot, but after several attempts to make a film failed, the opportunity came in another format.

series of The Last of Us It is one of the most commented since its official announcement and it is that HBO did everything possible to keep everything secret. Although the public already knew about the casting, there were no official images or advances that allowed fans to create expectations. The company decided to advertise the project very close to the world premiere, which worked well to open the year with all the excitement. First impressions have been very positive, but they also highlight the big differences from the video game, a move that could make this series a huge success or an unexpected flop.

Everyone involved is excited for the premiere, but the future of the series is still complicated. The Las of Us it was a lot more expensive to produce than had been thought, and video game fans can be very demanding and not easily forgiving, so one misstep could bring the whole thing down. It is hoped that everything goes well and that the creators can tell the complete story through several seasons, although they themselves admit that they do not want to extend their stay more than necessary, as has happened with other series.

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Video game adaptations seem to have a curse, since the correct formula is never found to take the best of this format to tell an interesting story on film or television. Either because they are not as close to the original plot, or because they are completely removed from it, fans are usually not satisfied with the results. Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, showrunners of The Last of Us, hopes to break the curse by respecting the most relevant aspects of the game and not abusing the trust of the fans. In interview with The Hollywood ReporterDruckmann clarified:

We have no plans to tell any stories beyond adapting the games.

For Mazin the path is very clear:

We will not find ourselves with the same problem as with ‘Game of Thrones’ since ‘Part II’ [de la serie de videojuegos] does not have an open ending.

It must be remembered that the creators of game of Thrones they stopped consulting George RR Martin for the later seasons which they adapted to their liking because they didn’t have the base novels, which led to a huge disappointment in the ending.

I have no interest in doing a series like a turntable show that goes on forever. When he turns into a perpetual motion machine, he can’t help but get a little… stupid. Endings mean everything to me.

The showrunners agree that the most appropriate thing is to respect the video game narrative and since a third installment has never been confirmed, due to many rumors circulating on social networks, the series will address what already exists. In the same way, they hope that the series, which will premiere on January 15, does justice to the relationship between the protagonists, which is what really moves and motivates the plot, much more than the encounters with strange and terrifying creatures.

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