Shroud explains why CS2 is easier than CS:GO thanks to a major change

After six months of waiting, it seems that Counterattack 2 It’s finally here. The game is expected to come out in September. 27, and ahead of its release, Shroud explained why it feels easier than CS:GO.

In one of his recent streams, the content creator shared his thoughts on CS2. In his opinion, the game is about 10 percent easier than CS:GObut it is mainly due to the fact that CS2 it really works. The clip was posted by ESL on Instagram on September 1. 26.

“It (CS2) is easier than CS:GO. (…) I would say, you know, 10 percent, maybe. 10 percent easier than CS:GO. But that could simply be because the game actually works and CS:GO No. You know what I mean? There is a possibility that it is because of that. CS:GO It’s so fucking broken. “Literally just… bullets don’t exist in that game,” Shroud said.

In the comments, however, many players criticized shroud’s vision CS2stating that he has no idea about it and that his opinion is simply wrong.

We admit that it is difficult to give a verdict on whether CS2 it’s easier than CS:GO or not, but we must say that the next game feels more fluid than the classic from 11 years ago. Movement, shooting, and overall gameplay are more satisfying, mainly due to the new subtick rate system. Although the mentioned tick rate system has not escaped criticism, many average and professional players claim that it is still 64 ticks and express their discontent with it.

Valve started releasing massive beta invites on August 31 and has since received a lot of feedback from new players. So far, the developers have been working hard to fix it and released new patches throughout most of September. But the game still has some issues worth looking into, and the community hopes they will be fixed on September 1st. 27, when the game is expected to go live.

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