Shut up and take my money! If Apple makes a special iPod like this, I’ll buy it instantly.

After the withdrawal of the iPod touch catalog and with stocks running out quickly both on the Apple website and in other stores, it is clear that this is a milestone in the history of Apple. Such a simple move closes almost 21 years of historyfrom the story of a device that put Apple on the map, took it far beyond niches and marked the path to follow to become the company it is today.

The iPod that went from niches to universality

Just by saying that the iPhone was born as an iPod Phone, we already get an idea of ​​the importance that something as apparently simple as a music player has had for Apple. A player that came to change the rules of the market, because it allowed us carry 1000 songs in our pocketa revolution at the time.

If we talked about the iPod models that marked a before and after, we would end up with a series of articles, but I think we have to stop at one in particular, a special edition: the iPod U2. This iPod was the final blow for Apple to stop being a niche company. Macs were of interest to a certain group, iPods were quite a hit, but they continued, in their own way, to be more attractive to a certain group. The iPod U2 changed that.

iPod U2

iPod U2

People entered computer stores —at that time there was no Apple Store in Spain, only authorized distributors— and asked for the iPod. They didn’t have a Mac, they didn’t even know it was Apple. They wanted that thing called iPod. The iPod, in fact, is the first Apple device that I saw. I didn’t know what brand it was. It was years later, when I met Apple, that I have tied the dots and remembered a moment that has been etched in my memory.

Shut up and take my money


Would I buy an iPod today? Maybe not an iPod touch, since I already have the iPhone. But clearly I would buy an iPod. Which? That This is what the editors of Applesfera have asked ourselvesand we have put together a list of specifications.

We would talk about an iPod with the design of the original iPod, although some of us would bet on the click wheel of the fourth generation iPod, —if when listening to music you went up and down through the list of songs, just for the pleasure of doing it, you will understand the essential medicinal nature of the click wheel—, we would mount a full color screen and preferably a touch screen, since touching is always faster.


If we ask, we would bet on the USB-C connector that is already rumored for the iPhone 15 and, of course, it would have support for MagSafe. With a slimmer body, but with a minimum of 84 hours of battery. Maybe we would support a little less battery when we will use the 5G network to stream songsbut locally, downloaded on 32, 128 or 512 GB of storage, and with the screen locked, 12 hours a day of listening for seven days seems like a good number.

Of course, it would have reverse charging to be able to charge our AirPods 3 (with its MagSafe) and that they can keep up with the iPod. Several color options, someone says that the same as the original Apple logo, and personalized engraving options that go a little beyond just text would be what is necessary for each and every one of us who make up the team of editors to say: shut up and take my money.

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How much money? Hmm, you can’t put a price on a work of art, a collector’s item of these characteristics. If only Apple would repeat the strategy it already followed with the 20th anniversary Mac. It could include the 20 CDs that Steve Jobs personally chose to test the original iPod. Hopefully we’ll see, at some point, an iPod that comes close to what we’ve just described. That’s the iPod we want, Tim, that’s the iPod.

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