Sienna Miller opens the doors of her charming country house

When actress Sienna Miller first saw a country house 16th-century thatched-roof house in Buckinghamshire, England, he fell in love with her. “It was a time when the press paid a lot of attention to me and I wanted a place to escape. I bought the house on a whim: it is a sanctuary. I also wanted a place where my family and friends could gather. It is a home with a heart” , He says.

When she’s not starring in movies and TV series or on stage (including a role in the Apple TV+ series Extrapolations, which will be released next year), Miller, her daughter, her friends and her family have a glorious time in the house. For more than a decade, the actress left the interior, full of friezes and with the wooden floor, practically intact. However, during the pandemic, when the need arose to restore the house, knew who to call. “I wanted a Gaby house,” says Miller, referring to her great friend Gaby Dellal’s houses in London and Cornwall, with their wonderfully eclectic interiors in which fabrics and kilims vintageindustrial accessories and other home elements are mixed in unexpected unions that exude warmth, impeccable taste and sincere character.

Sienna Miller, with Gucci hat, Gabriela Hearst dress and Grenson boots.

Simon Upton.

Dellal, a film and theater director by trade, was delighted to undertake the project and gladly set to work, shuttling between London and the site while Sienna Miller, who was born in the US and grew up in the UK, was on hand. stuck in New York during quarantine. “The most beautiful thing is that she trusted me and we reached an agreement where she was prohibited from being there for six months until I finished the project,” says Dellal.

In the living room, the Rose Uniacke sofa is dressed in a tweed Sequana fuchsia donegal. Sconces, including an antique scissor lamp and a Victorian chandelier, were used because the ceilings are low. Beni Ourain rug by Francois Gilles Carpets.

Simon Upton.

Country-style table and chairs provide a gathering place in the kitchen. Lightning vintage of Vinterior; Lacanche range; tiles by Bert & May.

Simon Upton.

The restoration process is as much a story of friendship as it is of design vision. “I gave Sienna her first job here, on my kitchen table. She had never acted before, and I remember our meeting very well: she had a cold and was wearing a vest and a big old sweater, and I fell in love with her. She made the first movie of hers, called TheRidewith Paul Nicholls, about kids on motorcycles, and his career was catapulted afterwards,” says Dellal, who obviously has an eye for talent.

Nevertheless, It was not a simple remodel. Dellal, who had visited the house many times, was familiar with its structure and could see its true potential. First of all, he dedicated himself to emptying the house from top to bottom: including closets, boxes, clothes, cupboards, furniture and mattresses. After that massive cleanup, Dellal hired some builders who began replacing all the lattice windows, ripping out the floors, and opening up the eaves of Miller’s low-ceilinged bedroom. Outside, the gravel driveway and parking area were scrapped for give way to a poetic meadow of wildflowers with a simple path that runs along the perimeter for cars. A former garage has also been transformed into a guest bedroom for family and friends, who are invited to stay even when Miller is in New York (he recently bought a house in the West Village) or out of town to film.

An outdoor seating area.

Simon Upton.

1970s wallpaper from Secondhand Rose in New York envelops a bathroom.

Simon Upton.

A bathtub from The Architectural Forum sits behind a fabric-covered Victorian screen in a corner of Miller’s bedroom.

Simon Upton.

“When I took over the project, I told Sienna that I would like to change everything, including the floors, the windows and the doors,” says Dellal, who set out to find suppliers, artisans and distributors in the UK, US and Turkey. “I’ve found the people who work in the interiors industry to be lovely,” says Dellal, whose contact list of distributors and suppliers has grown over the years of making and producing films rich in detail and atmosphere.

Twenty salvaged Crittall windows were found on eBay; dark brown Georgian and Victorian floorboards were discovered at Norfolk Antique & Reclamation and other specialists, while perfect fennel green kitchen tiles turned up at Bert & May. Black and white Carrara marble for the kitchen countertops were purchased from Retrouvius and Verona Marble, respectively, and a nice pair of french doors that magically filter the light It came from the French House in York. “All the beams were black, which I can’t stand. So we burned black; it’s much softer,” says Dellal, who envisioned spaces that were much lighter and more open, with colors and textures transitioning smoothly from room to room.

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