Sienna Miller reappears natural and without a drop of makeup

Makeup can be our best ally or, otherwise, our worst enemy. It all depends on the importance and use we give it. However, faced with a superficial world in which the image is one of the most important details -and also the most criticized- it is not surprising that it has become a basic necessity for many. More and more women feel insecure when going out without makeup. Surely, social networks have a lot to do with it. Publications of women with perfect skin, without any blemishes, dark circles, or redness… As if it were a doll. It is not easy to live in a world in which -unfortunately- the image of each one prevails. Therefore, more and more celebrities They have opted to show themselves to the natural in your personal accounts.

Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Irina Shayk, Sienna Miller… A few years ago, the hashtag #nomakeup It was viral on networks. In it, millions of people showed the world his face without filters, makeup, or anything like that. They showed themselves as they were. Now, this initiative is still standing, but in many other ways. However, the problem is still there, because we all like to see ourselves in the best possible way -as is evident-, but gestures like that of the famous, who have to take care of their image every second due to criticism (and also flattery) ) that they receive every day, make it possible to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

sienna miller without makeup


sienna miller without makeup


In this case, once again, it has been Sienna Miller. one of the few celebrities of renown that are shown naturally on most occasions, not only on networks, but also in real life as has happened today.

We are used to seeing Sienna on red carpets and at photocalls, so we are used to seeing her with perfect hair, an impeccable face and an outfit that makes the most of her figure. It must not be easy to get out of there, much less publicly. If it is difficult for the rest of us, a well-known character is even more difficult.

However, the interpreter has always had the “courage” -and we say it in quotes because it should be something normal- of not feeling any kind of qualms about showing herself to the world as she is. No filters, no layers of makeup… Natural, with its virtues and its imperfections. spoilers? She is just as fabulous as always.

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