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    the premiere of anatomy of a scandal on Netflix a few months ago he returned to place Sienna Miller in the headlines of fashion magazines thanks to the impeccable style of his character. And although it is true that Sophie Whitehouse’s wardrobe created many needs for us, that of the actress herself is not far behind. The one who was queen of style boho-chic in the 2000s it has evolved to become one of the undisputed stylistic icons of Hollywood. The last test? His appearance in the series premiere The Sandman (Netflix) in London.

    Miller chose a Self-Portrait signature knit dress dyed a flattering powder blue for the occasion. and that stood out for its spectacular flared sleeves and its bow-shaped neckline with a strategic opening under the chest. However, the most striking thing about his appearance was the coincidence that she starred in. Irish actress Niamh Walsh, a regular face on British television who has so far not stood out internationally, chose the same design as Sienna Miller. The only difference between the two was the color of the dress, which in Walsh’s case was black.

    sienna miller dress

    Sienna Miller and Niamh Walsh coincided in the same premiere with a Self-Portrait design.


    The coincidence was not reflected in images, since while Walsh is part of the cast of the series, Miller attended as a guest at the premiere and they did not pose together in the classic family photo, but confirm that, like every neighbor’s son, sometimes the celebrities and her stylists also seem to agree.


    Light Blue Lurex Knit Midi Dress

    Self Portrait


    This summer, Queen Letizia wore the same black and white Mango dress as the lawyer Inmaculada Vivas, one of the awardees at the event chaired by Doña Letizia, and a similar anecdote occurred a few days ago on the streets of New York. The actress Jennifer Lawrence crossed paths with another passerby wearing the same dress as her signed by La Garconne and, far from crossing the sidewalk or twisting their faces, both were portrayed by the paparazzi laughing at the situation. Because it’s been a while since wearing the same dress as another woman in the room –or on the street– ceased to be a drama.

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