Sienna Miller’s (eternal) layered haircut or proof that her midi hair looks good at all ages

There are celebrities for which it seems that time does not pass. And we are not referring to those who have apparently made a pact with the devil not to age one iota –Jennifer Lopez, we are looking at you–, but to those who, despite the trends that have been happening throughout Over the years, they have remained faithful to a very personal and specific style. The perfect example? Sienna Millerwith his timeless boho aestheticat the height of fashion when the actress broke out in the mid-2000s and early 2010s, and more maligned during the last few seasons, until her return to the top where we find ourselves in 2022. The same has happened with her haircut: although he has flirted with some other Bobthroughout the long journey has remained faithful to the blonde layered midi hair with whom we met her at the beginning of her career. And over the years, she has shown why.

Sienna Miller in the movie ‘Alfie’ (2004)

©Paramount/Courtesy Everett Coll

Yes in the 2004 movie Alfie –perhaps her first relatively important role–, when the actress was about 22 years old, we already looked at her blonde hair, cut in layers and, at that time, with a bardot fringe, little has changed the coordinates of a time to this part . Over the next few years she put on and took off those bangs, sometimes more open, sometimes straighter; and she also played with the length, going from chest height to midi hair below the shoulders. Slight changes, but not transgressive when it comes to the usual look of Sienna Miller. The natural layers, shorter strands around the face to frame it and that Golden blond they have remained unchanged, as has their way of combing it. With relaxed waves or stylish updos messy –and those side locks sticking out–, we have rarely seen the interpreter with a straightened plank or a polished bun, staying true to her boho style also in the appearance beauty.

Sienna Miller in 2009

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Sienna Miller in 2016

Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images

Now that he has turned 40, all these factors continue to be part of his hallmarks, to the point that, effectively, it seems that time has not passed between the photos of his twenties, his thirties and the current ones. His appearance at Glastonbury this year has only confirmed this, for between his relaxed outfits and – let’s repeat it once more – boho-chic and that almost immutable haircut, the images taken by the paparazzi at the 2022 festival could well belong to any of its past editions. Which shows us that: 1) It is the ideal cut for those seeking a timeless style; and 2) looks good on all ages. Proof that there is an alternative to looking at your photos from the past and being horrified by your stylistic choices.

Sienna Miller at Glastonbury in 2004

Andy Butterton – PA Images/Getty Images

Sienna Miller at Glastonbury in 2022

Mark Boland/Getty Images

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