Sienna Miller’s (perfect) guest dress only asks for one thing: espadrilles

Since Sienna Miller reappeared in our lives and closets with the miniseries anatomy of a scandal it is very difficult to live away from their styles. It had happened to us before, specifically from Alfie, that “free” adaptation of the film starring Michael Kane first and Jude Law later about a womanizing limousine driver who collected love affairs and spoke to the camera as if he were his confessor. Sienna burst into our lives as into her own. Alfie, through a lowered window and a short sentence on New Year’s Eve. The actress changed fashion then with her short dresses, tall boots, boho vests, Brigitte Bardot-inspired hairstyles and vintage Balenciaga bags.

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But the Sienna’s Alfie It’s not Sienna’s anatomy of a scandal. The latter has reduced her wardrobe to the bare minimum – the character she plays, a woman trapped in a fake marriage and a life of the same type, demands it – and where before there was boho style now there is minimalism. A bit of the same transformative process that he has experienced Angelina Jolie and that, ultimately, we all live, since there are usually few women who experience the opposite process: from less to more. The idea is to take things off as the years go by, especially unnecessary weights, and in fashion there are great weights.

Scarlett Johansson and Sienna Miller during the filming of their latest film in London.

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Her guest look in fiction is our favorite in real life

With this in mind, Sienna’s latest look is confirmation of what we pointed out in previous lines. If the actress has to go to a wedding He will do it with few clothes and accessories, but well chosen, like those Lacoste polo shirts that he has worn in Roland Garros while professing all kinds of cuddles with his new love. The fact is that the wedding in question took place in fiction, during the filming of Kristin Scott Thomas’s first film as a director, and the look therefore has a bit of a costume, although it is also very Sienna: a dress of Vanilla floral print combined with a tilted black pamela headdress. To put a but, it lacks some simple espadrilles.

Beautiful? Yes. Very Sienna? From the new one, yes; and the old one, too, though back then, when she peered into cars with windows rolled down, she didn’t know it.


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