Signing of a week; Argentine goalkeeper left the Marathon

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Marathón rescinded the contract with the Argentine goalkeeper Carlos Emmanuel Franco, who had arrived on December 22 in Honduran lands to submit to the club’s discipline.

In fact, the footballer who came from Bolivian football trained several times under the tutelage of Salomón Nazar and Víctor Coello, the club’s current goalkeeper coach.

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However, according to the vice president of Marathón, Rolin Peña, the goalkeeper suffered a family impasse that made it impossible for him to continue with the emerald club.

The player had asked the team for 15 days to return since he had to leave San Pedro Sula in an emergency and thus attend to an immigration issue with one of his children. He left Honduras before December 31.

Carlos Franco when he arrived in San Pedro Sula.

“He is removing the residence of his son who is in Bolivia and as he has to naturalize him and this procedure has to be personal and he is in the last instance in this matter. It came up at the last moment and we already dispensed with him, he had to leave Rolin Pena said.

The manager of the Marathon confirmed that they already have a plan B that they are executing and therefore they have their eyes fixed on the goalkeeper who comes to occupy that vacancy. Yes, he announced that the new member will be a foreigner and must have experience in the medium.

For his part, Luis Ortiz, a goalkeeper born in the bowels of the club, will be the goalkeeper who starts the championship as a starter despite the fact that in the coming days Marathón will announce to the star that he will occupy the place initially left by Rafa García and now Carlos Franco.

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