Silent Hill would have 3 games in development that have not yet been announced

It seems that Konami does not have enough with everything announced.

Silent Hill would have 3 games in development that have not yet been announced
Pyramid Head was one of the wild enemies of Silent Hill

When it seemed that Konami had left some of its big names behind, we could see that the Japanese company surprised us all with the announcement of various Silent Hill gameslast October, thus giving rise to the famous horror franchise to return in style not only with four new titles, but also, emphasis was placed on the production of a new film.

Now, it should be noted that this has opened a door for fans of the brand, especially in the face of debates about the possibility of games continuing to arrive or the reasons why some do and others don’t, this being something that It has caused even Bloober Team, the team behind the remake of the second installment of Silent Hill, to have to explain the reasons for making a remake of it and not of the first game of the license.

If the rumors come true, there would be seven Silent Hill projects in development

Given this, it should be noted that recently the saga has returned to being in the trends because we have been able to see that Silent Hill: The Short Message has received its corresponding qualification in Taiwan for PS5. And it seems that we are not going to stop there, since the insider Dusk Golem has revealed that there are three other Silent Hill projects in development and that have not been announced to date.

This has been shared through a thread on ResetEra, noting that these three projects would be added to those already known. Of course, it seems that they will not arrive in the short term, since at least one of them is in an early stage of its developmentso we will have to be patient to see it in stores.

Also, and as expected, Konami has not commented on the matterbeing something quite improbable if we take into account that they already have four projects to carry out, highlighting the aforementioned remake of Silent Hill 2. Of course, it should not surprise us that we see new installments of the saga beyond the known ones, since, Ultimately, at the same event that they made these announcements, Konami declared its intention to continue releasing games. It only remains to hope that other IPs of the company suffer the same fate.

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