Silvestre and the Orange, Not to Die, Pablo Malaurie and more

Before starting with the new music that this new year has in store for us, we do not want to miss the opportunity to recommend some premieres that came to light during the last period of 2022. rosalia He put the finishing touch to his year with a live video that highlights his glory, Eclipse Sonar was in charge of remixing one of the tracks belonging to the debut album of Juan BaroY Paul Malaurie gave his special touch to one of New Order’s biggest hits. By your side, Mauro Valenti, Flute Y Wild and the Orange they released singles that deserve to be heard over and over again; while Not to die he returned with two previews of his next album. the videos of andry bett Y the bikes complete this review of launches.

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Andry Bett – “Almost Not”

andry bett shared a kaleidoscopic video for “Almost no”, the second song from their debut album, Baby, can’t you see? (2022). On this occasion, the musician demonstrated his ingenuity as a designer through a colorful audiovisual piece with nods to Andy Warhol’s pop art. “I’ve never been so happy with something I’ve done, more than 1,500 manually intervened frames, each one a little painting,” Bett revealed in a post on his Instagram account.

Flaüta – “Sprite with Chlorine”

The Chubut singer-songwriter based in Buenos Aires opens another stage in his career and immerses us in the digital universe of “sprite with chlorine”. An energetic track that attacks with a maelstrom of synthesizers, android voices, drum and bass beats and trapper bases. “In this new phase we find a Flute spitting out his most sincere and dark side, totally different from what he usually sings and shows,” says a statement.

Juan Baro – “Red Light (Eclipse Sonar Remix)”

the platense Juan Baro invited different electronic music projects to reinterpret the songs from his solo album debut, day night (2022). Eclipse Sonar was in charge of releasing the first advance of the album of remixes and b-sides, making “Red light” an electrifying gale that catches immediately. In the prelude to their new releases, the Buenos Aires quartet had the luxury of showing their qualities in production.

The Bikes – “Life”

The Buenos Aires group inaugurated 2023 with the video of “Life“, song that closes his EP open the map. Made and designed by Maru Cian in Motion Graphics, in the audiovisual piece images of different kinds come together -architectural, surreal and astrological- to account for the imaginary that underlies the poetics and sound of the track.

Mauro Valenti – “Make the trip”

“Don’t fear the uncertain, don’t fear the unknown” she sings Mauro Valenti in his most recent single. As he himself revealed, “Do the trip” is the follow-up to the previous single “Look Ahead”. The track was composed, recorded and mixed between October and December 2022 by Valenti himself, while the mastering was done by Miguel Canel at Sun King Records. The clip was also filmed and made by Valenti between Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires.

Pablo Malaurie – “You made my day%”

Paul Malaurie He returned to the ring with a unique tribute to his influences. “You made my day%” is a free version of “Age of Consent”, the New Order classic that opens their emblematic 1983 album, Power, Corruption and Lies. On this occasion, the singer-songwriter is shown in duo format with Chowa on basses and synthesizers. The reversal was accompanied by an audiovisual piece filmed by Pablo De Caro.

To Not Die – “They tell me / You can lose yourself”

Two years have passed since the departure of willow’s evilthe last recording work of Not to die. Now, the group surprised its followers with “They tell me” Y “you can lose“, two new songs that will be part of a new album that will be released in 2023. “Synthesizers, electronic bata, beats, subtle guitars and whispered voices; they leave behind the rock sound to show a more pop, introspective, dark and flying sound”, says a statement.

Rosalia – “Sakura (Motomami Tour Live)”

After warming up the summer with the remix of “Despechá” with Cardi B, rosalia premiered a live video of “Sakura”. The Spanish star has just finished the Motomami Tour And, to continue crowning his incredible year, he decided to share with his fans the live recording of one of the most emotional and transcendental songs from his iconic album, which ranked highest on our list of the 50 best albums of 2022.

Silvestre and the Orange – “Hechizao”

On the eve of its presentation at the Cosquín Rock 2023 festival, Silvestre and the Orange He shared the third preview of his new album. As warm as magnetic, “bewitched” is a minimalist ballad that fuses elements of R&B with flashes of Argentine blues. According to its members, the song “represents that feeling of lying in an armchair looking at the ceiling and suspended in time.” The video directed by Rafael Kogan shows to a character “who finds himself accepting that love takes him completely by surprise and is willing to accept this new adventure.”

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