Silvina Luna’s case reached Hollywood: words of TV’s most famous surgeon


Surgeon Terry Dubrow is a celebrity in Hollywood. He has his own television show on E! Entertainment. With Paul Nassif, Plastic surgeon too They star in reality shows fail, The literal translation of the title is “fail/fail” and in this case, refers to the disasters that result from certain cosmetic surgeries. In each chapter since 2014, they are responsible for correcting other people’s mistakes: crooked mouths, exaggerated lips, unrecognizable noses, cracked implants… the variety of cases is astonishing.

They know the trends in aesthetic medicine. They say the “most requested thing” in operating rooms in the United States are Kylie Jenner’s lips. “It’s the biggest beauty inspiration today,” says Nassif, and he also expresses that more and more patients come to his office for reversal cosmetic procedures, which Blac Chyna (model and actress who played Red drew attention to her body on the carpet, especially her face, clearly moderated), mimicking celebrities such as Mackenzie Westmore (actress). and singer) and Kylie Jenner (one of the most influential celebrities in the United States).

“Celebrities move the needle,” says Dubrow. “If celebrities are implementing trends that could be really helpful, like reversing procedures that maybe are too much, like a lot of fillers, so they can have them dissolved, or deciding to have their implants removed Because they realized that they probably did it at a very young age; I think that’s an important message to the audience. “Perhaps many of the procedures that are done should be done at a mature age and never at such a young age.”

“Our goal is to educate and say, ‘Listen, you don’t want to do this.’ maybe in the last nine months I turned away 25 patients requesting unnecessary surgery, all of whom were young.That they didn’t need it,” Nassif comments.

The news of Silvina Luna’s death due to complications from cosmetic surgery malpractice spread around the world. For example, the most widely read media in England reported on the case. This was echoed in Hollywood also. In an interview with the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais, Dubrow did not avoid the topic: “That news came here and Sadly, this is a case that has become famous. Unfortunately this is not a very strange case. This is one of the processes The most dangerous in plastic surgery. I do not do the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ because it is life threatening. No physical change is worth that much.”

At the end of the interview with journalist Nicolas Lauber, Dubrow emphasizes the risks involved in any operation, no matter how “minimal” it may seem.

—You live to make people “pretty”, do people understand the real cost of getting plastic surgery?

-This is a very important point because in plastic surgery they give it nice names like “mommy makeover”, or “a little job”, but the truth is that Plastic surgery is dangerous. There are several forms to fill out, and the word “death” is in there. You have to be very cautious and go to the right plastic surgeon with a lot of experience and training, and decide whether the risk is worth it or not. If it’s an operation you really need.


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